About Holland

When you look up the definition of girly girl my name and picture should be right next to it. I’m not sure when it all started; but I’d bet that it was around my second birthday, when my dad bought me the Fisher Price Vanity! Yes I got a standing vanity when I was two. I remember it had everything from a mirror to fake makeup, plus a chair for me to do someone’s hair; aka my little sister.

So now I can blame my makeup, shoe and purse addiction on my dad lol!!

Other than my crazy love for fashion, hair, makeup; I have another true love and that is Country Music, yes Country Music! I’m not sure why but it’s in my blood and since I was a baby, country radio has been playing in my house. So I’ve decided to put my love of fashion, hair, makeup and country music all in one place!! Plus I love getting the word out about new artists hitting Nashville!!!

The Gypzee side of me makes life a little more interesting!! I can’t really help but jumping from one artist to another! Since Nashville is constantly moving I don’t really mind!
So join me on this crazy ride called life and let’s see where it all leads!!!

P.S another thing I’m also a huge hunting and fishing advocate. I’ll be truthful and say that I’ve never done either but the main reason is because currently I live in Cali (yuck). But that’s all about to change!!

Xoxo, Holland


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