“Just A Taste”- Brett Eldredge

imagesWho doesn’t love when new music hits the airways??

One of our favorite Country Music guys and SnapChat star is about to release his newest studio album “Illinois”.

A few days ago Brett released a new song and video “Just A Taste“. The video shows Brett going to a bar and just hanging out with fans (it’ll make you wish you were there).

“Just A Taste” is the kind of song that makes every girl melt as soon as she hears it. The song is about a guy (aka Brett), meeting the girl of his dreams but she just didn’t feel the same way and all she left him with was “Just A Taste”. It’s one of those songs that makes you think about life and completely rethink everything you thought about who you thought was the one. “Just A Taste” also makes you want to slow dance in the headlights on a dirt road!

We get a little glimpse into Brett’s more sentimental side. Apparently this is a true story; in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Brett said “I was in this situation with this girl where I thought she was totally into it,” Eldredge says, explaining the song’s roots. “I thought, ‘Wow this might be the girl,’ but it turns out she was just going to give me just enough where I wanted her all the time before she left.”

“Just A Taste” makes you feel bad for him, but it’s also one of the cutest songs that I think Brett has ever released. This is defiantly one of those songs that’ll make you want to call that one person, but you know that you can’t, Vocally Brett was amazing. And I must give the band some major props; the guitar and drums were amazing. I also love the backup singers they were perfect. The arrangement was wonderful; it was blended together perfectly. It’s a nice upbeat ballad.

I can’t wait to hear what else “Illinois” has on it!! Plus “Illinois” has “Lose My Mind” on it and if you haven’t seen the video then you should; because it includes a straight jacket, a hot nurse and a padded room!! Yes, Brett is the only one that makes a straight jacket look sexy!

I’m going to my Crystal Ball and I’m seeing a number one single and a number one ALBUM!!

Southern Princess Rating: A++

Here’s where to get it: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

Pre-Order “Illinois” today, the release date is September 11th, 2015!


“Sippin’ On Fire”- Florida Georgia Line

So I’ve been a little late with another post, okay VERY late sorry. So here we go!!

Sippin’ On Fire“, by our favorite duo that loves to hang out on the state lines, Florida Georgia Line. This is one of the best songs lyrically that’s been released this year in my opinion. “Sippin’ On Fire” is the third single off their newly released album “Anything Goes”. It hit number one for best single on Billboard Canada Country in March and Billboard Country Airplay here in the US in June.

The amazing writers on this one were Rodney Clawson, Matt Dragstrem and Cole Taylor.

I’ve noticed a pattern this year in a lot of songs that have been released. If you’ve heard the new singles from Chris Young, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett and now Florida Georgia Line they’re all talking about a massive break up that they can’t seem to get over. I haveto admit its kind of nice to hear the guys pouring out their hearts instead of us girls. We’re not the only ones that can’t it over it.

“Sippin’ On Fire” is a great example of Florida Georgia Line’s more sensitive side. This song makes you want to drop everything and run off with that one person that everyone says is not the one, but deep down you know that everyone is wrong. It makes you rethink your current relationship. If you don’t end up drinking and listening to this song then you really need to. Even the lyric video makes you rethink every decision you’ve made all day.

I know as a hopeless romantic any time I hear a song like “Sippin’ One Fire” it makes my heart melt. Songs like these speak the words that everyone is too scared to ever say. Many times I think that way more relationships would be saved if we would all just do what the song says. Sometimes we need that little push in the right direction and “Sippin’ On Fire” is defiantly that push!!

So at the end of the day maybe you should call up that Ex that you can’t seem to be getting over no matter how hard you try! And if you need some courage turn “Sippin’ On Fire” up and pour you a glass of something strong.

Way to go guys on yet another amazing single!!

Plus the video is WAY SEXY!!! Don’t believe me check it out “Sippin’ On Fire“.

Southern Princess Rating: A+

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