“Better Than You Left Me”- Mickey Guyton


Mickey Guyton is a name that you’ll be hearing a lot of in the coming future!! I’ve been following Mickey on twitter for a while, but for whatever stupid reason I had never heard her music; I am still asking myself why!!! So this past weekend I woke up and my mom and dad were all “Have you ever heard of a country singer named Mickey Guyton?” I was like No and then they told me “Well you don’t know country music very well” Thanks mom!! Then my mom jumped on the computer and played “Better Than You Left Me“.

So as I was sitting there and I pretty much fell in love with this song! Not only are the lyrics AMAZING, but they couldn’t be more true. “Better Than You Left Me” should be the anthem for every girl who has ever had a broken heart. Sometimes we don’t always see just how good a breakup can be for us.

Mickey Guyton landed a record deal back in 2011 with Capitol Nashville and she started writing with some super talented and then an ex-boyfriend from her past who had broken her heart, tried to come crawling bake after all of her success. So she told him to hit the curb and then she wrote “Better Than You Left Me”.

Mickey has one of the best voices in country music, not only for right now; but also of all time. I can’t even start to explain just how amazing her voice is. When you listen you’ll get goose bumps and you’ll want to hit replay. There are only a hand full of big voices in country music and Mickey is defiantly one of them. This girl will be female vocalist one of these days at the CMA’s, I just know it. All I have to say is Mickey adds some major competition to all the Queens of country music!

Taste Of Country named the song a “Critic’s Pick” from editor Billy Dukes, who called Guyton a “pure country vocalist who relies on talent and strong songwriting before anything else”.

I can’t wait to see what else this girl is going to release, her EP is out now and from what I’ve heard its pretty awesome.

Big props to the other song writers on this one. Mickey Guyton, Jennifer Hanson, Jenn Schott and Nathan Chapman.

SSP Rating: A++

Get it here: Google Play

Check out her site for news, tour info and everything else!!



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