I Think I Bull Ride In My Sleep

So it’s Monday and all seems to be well in the world. Let me explain, first I made myself do an insane workout last night. I’m now on week six and for some crazy reason I am still sore, just like I was during week one. I’m the kind of sore that only bull riders and offensive linemen feel. You know, the kind of sore that makes sitting up in bed feel more like you just got done climbing mount Everest (it may sound a little more dramatic than it really is, but it’s true!) This death workout is on “Just Dance 4”, but it’s under the Just Sweat part. I’ve been doing the kick boxing one (I can’t remember the name because I’m too sore lol), it combines kick boxing and dancing. I do have to say, that out of all the workouts I’ve done, I’m actually losing weight with this one!!! I can’t get bored with a workout or I lose interest! I’d give this one a 9, yes it gets a 9 because I am too sore to give it a solid 10 ;)!! But it’s working wonders and you should give it a try!! Trust me you’ll be bikini ready in no time!!

I am also happy because fall is right around the corner and that means riding boots, sweaters, brown nail polish and of course football (ROLL TIDE); are all making their way back into our hearts and department stores! And from all the buzz I’ve been hearing the 70’s are taking over the color wheel this fall/winter. So get ready for earthy/muted tones!!

Another reason I’m in such a good mood this Monday, is because Tim Tebow played in the Eagles game against the Colt’s yesterday and in normal Tebow fashion he ran in a TD!! Now if you know me then you know that I’m a huge Tim Tebow fan!! He is pretty much one of the nicest guys in the NFL. Plus all the work he does for kids and families off the field is amazing!! How can you not be a fan of a guy that has his own foundation that as his foundation states “Bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need”.

And last but defiantly not least, I have Brett Eldredge’s new album “Illinois” on PRE-ORDER!!!
People let me tell you that ever since I heard “Just A Taste“, “Fire” and “Lose My Mind“, I was like “I need that CD like yesterday!” So it’s on its way and from what I’ve heard its going to be 10 times better that Brett’s last CD. I honestly don’t know how it’s going to be better, so we’ll see.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this Monday!
How’s ours going??
Tell me in the comment section below!!



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