T.M.I Eric Church and Luke Bryan

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen my tweet about not knowing the words to Eric Church’s song “Like A Wrecking Ball”; well after listening to it a few times I now understand. And let me be the first to say T.M.I!!!!!! I am a huge fan of sexy country songs, I mean who isn’t?!? But “Like A Wrecking Ball” is one of those songs that only you and your significant other should listen to!! Don’t get me wrong its a good song, but just a little too personal!!!

Every once in a while someone in country music gets a bit saucy and if you thought “Like A Wrecking Ball”  or “Remind Me” were on the racy side; then just wait until you hear Luke Bryan’s newest single “Strip It Down“. Once you hear it you’ll be blushing!!! Trust me when Luke Bryan talks about leaving his shirt in the hall, dirty dancing and losing his belt from his blue jeans I hope you’re driving because you’ll total your car!!! I don’t even know if they can make a music video for this one and if they do it’ll have to premier on HBO!!! I’m pretty sure that this should be in the sequel of 50 Shades of Gray!!

So if your feeling like getting your sexy on, than jump on over to YouTube now and take a listen!!!
Also don’t forget to comment your favorite sexy country song in the comment section below!!



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