The Overdressed Farm Girl

Okay so its Saturday morning and I didn’t sleep at all last night. I don’t know why but at night my parents house feels like Death Valley. So after laying bed wondering if I could move to Alaska so it would be like 65 all summer, I decided to get up. My mom was also up (she gets up at like 3am), and since it was 5:30am she needed to water the front yard and feed the chickens, rabbits and wild birds all needed fed. So I helped her and now I need a nap.

I am the first to say I’m not a big fan of chickens. Okay I hate them and I’m pretty sure that they hate me! Somehow my entire family loves the “Farm Life” and well I’m not a big fan. I don’t know why but it’s never really been my thing! My siblings call me FedEx; because they said I’m nothing like them and the FedEx guy must have dropped me off. They’re very loving and sweet. They’ve all shown animals for 4-H and somehow I am all roped in to their adventures.  I do have to admit I would rather wear a pair of heels than boots haha.

It must have happened when I was little because I was the kid that went to a petting zoo and cried when I had to feed the goats; yeah I’m that kid. You would have thought that I was raised in New York City or something. But my little sister has always loved animals. She’s the kid that kisses cats, loves on chickens and anything else that won’t kill her. Its weird but that who she is.

I guess I’ll always be the overdressed farm girl lol. I don’t mind that’s just who I am. And even though my family are crazy animal people I still love them and wouldn’t change anything!!!

So that’s my how my Saturday, how is yours going??
I want to hear your crazy farm/country stories!!



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