Bieber is Back

So I’m getting pretty old because I remember when the Back Street Boys, NSYNC, and Britney Spears all made their come backs!!!! So I heard the news the Biebs is back and if you’re cool and if you give a fudge then get ready because the Bieber Fever is back and I’m ready!!!!
So what exactly does this all mean? Well for millions of girls and guys around the world there’s going to be a ton of passing out happening, just like Beatle Mania!!!!

So here’s how to get ready for the epipidemic:
1.Drink lots of water
2.Eat Breakfast
3.Wear running shoes
4.Bring smelling salts
5.Don’t wear baggy clothes, it’ll slow you down!
6.Charge your phone to 100%
7.Follow Me on Twitter @TheCountryGirly
8.Follow the Biebs on Twitter @justinbieber
9.Breath slowly
10.Pass out

So there you go here’s how us at Southern Princess Problems are going to survive the Justin Bieber come back!!!!


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