Work The Tooshie

All right y’all its Friday and that means its #FitnessFriday!!!!
So what better way to jump start your weekend than with a little workout session!!!!

For the last six weeks I’ve been doing a new workout, Just Dance 2015 and Just Dance 4. Now I have always hated working out, but I really need to. I need to lose 150 pounds; I hate saying that but I do. So this summer I started!!! I have tried so many workout/diet plans I’ve lost count and guess what nothing worked and I never saw the results that I wanted to!!! But I have to say this time it’s different, I’ve got my head in the game and it’s working! I’ve only been doing this for six weeks and I’m already seeing a huge difference; plus people are noticing!! I have battled with my weight ever since seventh grade. I’ve also has a major body image and self-esteem problem. I have to say dealing with weight in your teenage years sucks. I never wore the clothes I wanted to or anything. It was awful!!!

My routine/lifestyle is pretty much this:
Cut all portions in half; you’ll feel hungry for about two weeks but that’s because you’re shrinking your stomach (you’ll live I promise).
Drink a ton of water!!
Don’t eat after six pm unless it’s fruit or a veggie!
Do at least 25 to 30 minutes of dancing.
Stop drinking alcohol; it’ll be hard but you don’t want wine chub!!
Give yourself a cheat day!! Don’t go crazy, but some cake or ice cream will make you happy.
Drink less soda!! I have a major Dr Pepper addiction, so this one has been a battle for me!!!
Follow my fitness board on Pinterest I post cute workout clothes and good quotes!

Since I started working out I have a new found confidence that I didn’t have before, I feel empowered and happy for really the first time! I’m now one of those crazy workout people and I can’t wait to lose more weight!!!
2015/2016 is going to be a huge milestone in my life and I’m super excited to share it with y’all!!




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