Tribe Kelley {Brand Review}


I was super excited to discover the new clothing company “Tribe Kelley“.

Tribe Kelly was started by Britteny Kelley and her hubby Brian Kelley; aka the other half of Florida Georgia Line.
Their story of how and why they started this brand makes it even better.

This is how they describe their brand/way of life:
“Tribe Kelley is our mantra, our way of life. We believe being a part of “the tribe” encourages uniqueness and individuality.  Tribe Kelley is an eclectic mix of what we both have gathered and learned from all different varieties of clothing. Spending time among different cultures inspires me to integrate elements from all over the world into Tribe Kelley.”

It all started when Britteny was in College. She was always altering clothes and jewelry to make it her own, but she was a little hesitate to make that crazy jump into the fashion world; I mean who wouldn’t be!!
Britteny and Brian then found themselves constantly altering their own clothes so they decided to launch “Tribe Kelley”.

“Tribe Kelley” isn’t just another brand started by a celebrity couple; it’s a lifestyle. Not many people understand the way modern day gypsies live, but “Tribe Kelley” definitely encompasses that lifestyle.
If I were to describe it I would say that it’s a little gypsy, hippy, earthy, chic all mixed together!!

I think the one thing I love most is that Britteny and Brian didn’t even care if no one bought it; they just wanted to express their passion for design and fashion. And they try and have everything made in the US (major bonus).

I can’t wait to get my shop on!!!

Hit them up and join the Tribe today!!!
Tribe Kelley Twitter
Britteny’s Twitter
Brian’s Twitter
Tribe Kelley Instagram
Brian’s Instagram
Brittney’s Instagram


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