Dinner Time

So its Tuesday and here’s what my family is eating tonight!!!

There are seven in my family, my parents and us five kids. (Four adults, one teen and two pre teens!)

This dinner cost about $24.00
So its super yummy and super cheap!!

Harden Family Menu:
Meat Ball Sandwiches
Mixed Veggies (One can of corn and one can of green beans)
Garlic Herb Pasta (Pasta Roni Brand)
Apple Sauce (Motts individualy packaged)

Meat Ball Sandwiches:
2 jars of tomato sauce (any brand you like)
Two bags of frozen “Johnsonville Home style Meat Balls”
One bag of pre cut Sandwich rolls

Put meatballs and sauce in a crock pot. Cook for about four to five hours on high. Once done put in roll and enjoy.

Mixed Veggies:
Put both cans in a pot with a little salt and pepper, two tablespoons of butter and one can of water. Stir and bring to a simmer for about 10min.

Pasta Roni:
Follow directions on back of box!

Apple Sauce:
Open cup! Lol


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