Weekend Mashup


Happy Monday!! I actually mean that. This Monday hasn’t been to bad.
Here’s a recap of this past weekend just in case you need a little refresher!

We’ll start with Friday (yes I consider Friday part of the weekend).
Brett Eldredge released his new album “Illinois”, buy it here!!

Saturday College football y’all!!
Y’all know how us Southern Princesses feel about our college football. (ROLL TIDE)
So it shouldn’t be any surprise that Saturday is just as important as Sunday church. The AP poll came out yesterday and to be honest any time this bama girl sees that Auburn is in the bottom; I do a little happy dance.
College football also got a little better (if thats even possible), how you ask; well because the SEC network welcomed back Tim Tebow! Yes ladies our favorite QB is back talking football and looking quite dapper in a three piece suit! He’s now giving is option and not risking a concussion.

Well Sunday was a good one!
First the Dallas Cowboys spanked the Giants with 7 seconds left on the clock! Yes the Giants lost by one, very sad for them. And apparently everyone on my Twitter is a Dallas fan!
And then if you stayed up Miss America; Congrats To Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell!! The ladies did a lovely job and if you missed it, then you also missed Brett Eldredge judging (sad for you)!

All in all this weekend was a good one!!
Tell us what you did this weekend in the comments below!!



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