“I Know A Guy”- Chris Young

So Chris just released a new song “I Know A Guy”. And If you haven’t heard it, trust me you’re going to want to drop everything you’re doing and listen to it.

Chris is famous for showing us his sentimental side with his ballads. And this one is no different.
“I Know A Guy” is a breakup song that tells the story of a guy who lost the love the of his life and now he needs her back. He needs her back in his life because he’s completely lost it Then He Knows A Guy!!
Its really a cleverly wrote song. Its sweet and to the point.
The guitar intro is amazing and hooks you.
The arrangement is on point! The girl doing back vocals killed it (I’ll find out who she is).

I think whenever a man puts his heart and feelings out there for you, it makes a perfect song!!

Every song Chris has released from this new album is to die for and I’m falling in love with it every time I hear it!!
This is defiantly a bust out the liquor and call up your ex kinda song!!

Way to go Chris and everyone else that made this and the whole album!!!

Southern Princess Rating: A+

Pre-order Chris’s upcoming album, “I’m Comin’ Over” (available Nov 13), feat. the title track and “I Know a Guy,” now for $8.99!
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“I’m Comin Over” Pre-Order

I'm Comin' Over Album Cover

Okay so if you’ve noticed Chris Young has a new album coming out on November 13th!! And while I’ve been freaking out about this since “I’m Comin’ Over” came out ; now I’m really losing it because the lyric video was just realeassed last week of the newsest single “Think Of You” (Duet with Cassadee Pope).

But the best part of all of this is the track listing was just released and you can now pre-order “I’m Comin’ Over” for only $8.99 and you get two songs instantly, “Think Of You” is one of them!!!!

So what are you waiting for go get it NOW!!!!

“Think Of You”- Chris Young (Duet with Cassadee Pope)

I'm Comin' Over Album Cover

Okay so we’ve all been waiting for this duet since Chris talked about it way back in May; with the lovely Cassadee Pop and guess what IT’S OUT!!!! I’ve been a little busy today but tonight I finally listened to it!!!
WOW WOW WOW is all I can say!!
I will put it out there; THIS IS THE BEST SONG THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED IN 2015!! Yup I said it and yes you can quote me!

“Think Of You” is an upbeat break up song. And if you’ve been through a resent breakup, this song is going to make you rethink the whole thing!! There are only a hand full of songs that make calling up your ex and trying to make things work out again sound like a good idea and you guessed it; this is one of them!

Chris and Cassadee’s voices are so perfect together I can’t really describe it; they’re so indescribable you’re going to have to buy it and listen to it! The other great thing that makes this song even better is that it’s a true duet. Many times when you hear a duet you think to yourself, “I thought this was a duet? It sounds like the other artist is doing backup!”

Cassadee’s vocals are so on point that I want to hear more of her music!

The lyrics are the very classic country; that we are so lucky to hear from Chris.

So now that I’ve heard “I’m Comin’ Over” and “Think Of You” I am dying to hear the rest of his album!!

You can pre-order Chris’s new album (Coming 11/13), now on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play for only $8.99!! I can’t wait for November 13th, I mean honestly it can’t come any faster! My birthday in on November 7th and I’m more excited for the 13th!

Southern Princess Rating:A+++ (I added an extra + because it’s that good!!)

Catch up with Chris and Cassadee:
Chris Young.com

Cassadee Pope.com

I am still trying to find info on the writers and when I find it I’ll add it!!!

“Next Boyfriend”- Lauren Alaina


Well I’m one happy girl. Why well because Miss. Lauren Alaina has released new music!!
Her new single “Next Boyfriend” is pretty much my new favorite song!

Its been a while since she has released new music and let be the first to say this new single is a great to jump back into the music scene.

“Next Boyfriend” is just what country music needs. If you’re listening to country radio then you know how its pretty much dominated by the boys and as much as I love that; sometimes us Southern Princesses need some major sass!!
This is some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while. I mean when the chorus says “You look a lot like my first boyfriend- I can’t believe how much you act like him-You and me we’d be unbelievable and I’m available”
This is one of those songs that  you and your girls would be blasting on a good Friday night out.

This is the perfect mix of sass, flirty, and country girl!!

Lauren’s vocals on this one are AMAZING!!!!! I mean all that vocal rest defiantly has paid off!!!

The Writers on this one were:
Lauren Alaina
Emily Weisband
Matt McVaney

So not only did Miss. Alaina co write this one but it was also produced by famed producer Mike Busbee, commonly known as busbee!

You can get this song right now on iTunes!!!
Add “Next Boyfriend” to your Spotify playlists!!

Follow Lauren on:
Lauren Alaina.com
Snapchat: @iamlaurenalaina

I can’t wait to hear Lauren’s new EP!!!

Southern Princess: A+

Workout tip!!!!

Okay so since July I started working out at least four times a week. I sometimes do more it just depends on my week lol. I have migraines so I can’t have a set workout schedule (like I would like). I’m also not a huge fan of working out around people so I needed something that I could do at home but also get the cardio.

I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on workout equipment. So that’s when I remembered I had Just Dance 4 for the Wii. The reason I did Just Dance 4 because it has a section on it that is a workout section called “Just Sweat”. It’s great because it counts your total calories burned during your workout. You can pick between 10, 25 or 45 minutes. Some are a little easier than others, but all together it’s a great workout!

I also cut all portions in half, started drinking a ton of water and I try to only eat sweets or drink soda on the weekends. At first I felt like I was starving but after a few weeks that went away!

I can’t wait to lose more weight and get healthy!!
I’ll keep posting updates until I get to my goal weight lol!!


2015 Style

2015 Style
So it’s starting to feel a lot like fall and its so hard to look super cute when you’re at work!!
This outfit is the perfect look to stay warm, cute, and practical.

New Music/Artist Alert- Michael Ray


So this past week I’ve been hearing a lot of Michael Ray on the radio and I was super excited to hear his new single “Real Me Love Jesus”. This song is one of those dirt road dancing in the head lights kind of songs.
This song sums up every true country boy in three minutes and ten seconds.

Now you may not know much about Mr. Ray well you’re not the only one. I was like I follow him on twitter, I’m jamming out to his songs but I have no clue where he’s from or anything. So I did a little digging. He’s from a small town in Florida, he has some super bomb.com tattoos (same as his dad) and he co-wrote the newest single from Big and Rich “Run Away With You”.  So there you have it you know a little bit more then you did before.

“Real Men Love Jesus” is a upbeat ballad that country radio will be playing over and over!!
If this song is anything like “Kiss You In The Morning” I know it’s going to hit the airwaves like wild fire.

Country music sometimes gets in a rut and there seems to be a pattern with all the songs. “Real Men Love Jesus” brings a nice change to that.

My favorite verse says, “They give it hell till they get it right, the kind every country girls tryin’ to find, every girls daddy kinda guy, ain’t scared to pray, ain’t scared to fight.”

The very talented writers on this one were Lance Miller, Adam Sanders, Brad Warren and Brett Warren.

Southern Princess Rating: A+

I can’t wait to hear what else is on Michael’s new album get it here: Michael Ray

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Visit his site for all the latest on his tour and much more!

Out On The Town

Untitled #283

Football Life

Football Life

Well ladies its that time of year, yes Football season. And if you’re like me and the other hundreds of Southern Princesses out there who can’t find a practical thing to where to a sporting event; I came up with an outfit idea!! I hope it helps!!

“The Driver”- Charles Kelley (featuring Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay)


“The Driver” was just released by Charles Kelley and its featuring Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay.
This is an interesting song. I had to really listen to it to completely understand it in a whole.
“The Driver” tells the story of the people that make up country music. Each one of the guys tells a different story from the people behind the scenes, to the fans and then the artist.

This is an amazing ballad that might surprise you. You really feel it when Charles, Dierks and Eric all tell the stories in each of their verses.

It begins with a low guitar intro and then Charles comes in softly. He tells the story of “The Driver” and how essential his role is to country music. It makes you really think about all the people behind the scenes and all the hard work that is put into tours. All that hard work pays off once the lights come on and that base drum hits.

Eric then comes in and sings about “The Dreamer” and “The Believer” which is exactly how I would divide fans; into those two groups. We’ve all been one of those at some point in our lives.

Then finally Dierks tells the story about “The Singer”. He gives us an intimate look at the feelings of “The Singer”. And how at one time they were the dreamers and believers. And if you believe hard enough you can get there.

I have to say this is a great single and it shows off each of the guys passion for the music perfectly!!! Plus the vocals are very raw and true to country music. It kind of has a

This was an amazing single way to go guys!!

Southern Princess Rating: A++

Get it now on itunes

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