“The Driver”- Charles Kelley (featuring Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay)


“The Driver” was just released by Charles Kelley and its featuring Dierks Bentley & Eric Paslay.
This is an interesting song. I had to really listen to it to completely understand it in a whole.
“The Driver” tells the story of the people that make up country music. Each one of the guys tells a different story from the people behind the scenes, to the fans and then the artist.

This is an amazing ballad that might surprise you. You really feel it when Charles, Dierks and Eric all tell the stories in each of their verses.

It begins with a low guitar intro and then Charles comes in softly. He tells the story of “The Driver” and how essential his role is to country music. It makes you really think about all the people behind the scenes and all the hard work that is put into tours. All that hard work pays off once the lights come on and that base drum hits.

Eric then comes in and sings about “The Dreamer” and “The Believer” which is exactly how I would divide fans; into those two groups. We’ve all been one of those at some point in our lives.

Then finally Dierks tells the story about “The Singer”. He gives us an intimate look at the feelings of “The Singer”. And how at one time they were the dreamers and believers. And if you believe hard enough you can get there.

I have to say this is a great single and it shows off each of the guys passion for the music perfectly!!! Plus the vocals are very raw and true to country music. It kind of has a

This was an amazing single way to go guys!!

Southern Princess Rating: A++

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Charles Kelley
Eric Pasley
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