New Music/Artist Alert- Michael Ray


So this past week I’ve been hearing a lot of Michael Ray on the radio and I was super excited to hear his new single “Real Me Love Jesus”. This song is one of those dirt road dancing in the head lights kind of songs.
This song sums up every true country boy in three minutes and ten seconds.

Now you may not know much about Mr. Ray well you’re not the only one. I was like I follow him on twitter, I’m jamming out to his songs but I have no clue where he’s from or anything. So I did a little digging. He’s from a small town in Florida, he has some super tattoos (same as his dad) and he co-wrote the newest single from Big and Rich “Run Away With You”.  So there you have it you know a little bit more then you did before.

“Real Men Love Jesus” is a upbeat ballad that country radio will be playing over and over!!
If this song is anything like “Kiss You In The Morning” I know it’s going to hit the airwaves like wild fire.

Country music sometimes gets in a rut and there seems to be a pattern with all the songs. “Real Men Love Jesus” brings a nice change to that.

My favorite verse says, “They give it hell till they get it right, the kind every country girls tryin’ to find, every girls daddy kinda guy, ain’t scared to pray, ain’t scared to fight.”

The very talented writers on this one were Lance Miller, Adam Sanders, Brad Warren and Brett Warren.

Southern Princess Rating: A+

I can’t wait to hear what else is on Michael’s new album get it here: Michael Ray

Follow Michael on Twitter
Visit his site for all the latest on his tour and much more!


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