“Next Boyfriend”- Lauren Alaina


Well I’m one happy girl. Why well because Miss. Lauren Alaina has released new music!!
Her new single “Next Boyfriend” is pretty much my new favorite song!

Its been a while since she has released new music and let be the first to say this new single is a great to jump back into the music scene.

“Next Boyfriend” is just what country music needs. If you’re listening to country radio then you know how its pretty much dominated by the boys and as much as I love that; sometimes us Southern Princesses need some major sass!!
This is some of the best lyrics I’ve heard in a while. I mean when the chorus says “You look a lot like my first boyfriend- I can’t believe how much you act like him-You and me we’d be unbelievable and I’m available”
This is one of those songs that  you and your girls would be blasting on a good Friday night out.

This is the perfect mix of sass, flirty, and country girl!!

Lauren’s vocals on this one are AMAZING!!!!! I mean all that vocal rest defiantly has paid off!!!

The Writers on this one were:
Lauren Alaina
Emily Weisband
Matt McVaney

So not only did Miss. Alaina co write this one but it was also produced by famed producer Mike Busbee, commonly known as busbee!

You can get this song right now on iTunes!!!
Add “Next Boyfriend” to your Spotify playlists!!

Follow Lauren on:
Lauren Alaina.com
Snapchat: @iamlaurenalaina

I can’t wait to hear Lauren’s new EP!!!

Southern Princess: A+


2 thoughts on ““Next Boyfriend”- Lauren Alaina

  1. I love “Next Boyfriend,” too! The song is so fun and catchy and I love hearing it on the radio mixed in with all those guys! We need more Lauren and more females in general to keep some balance on our country radio!


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