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So it’s Sunday night and we both know your still hungover on turkey leftovers and all that tequila you drank with your old high school friends because you’re home and well that’s just the way it is.

So here are few jams to get to Monday!!

Tyler Rich- “I Can Teach Ya”

Brett Eldredge- “Drunk On Your Love”

Luke Bryan featuring Karen Fairchild- Home Alone”

Chris Young- “Callin’ My Name”

Thomas Rhett- “Single Girl”

Maddie and Tae- “Down Side Of Growing Up”

Lauren Alaina- “Next Boyfriend”



The Best Salad Recipe Ever!


Okay so for years I’ve had a major problem with Ambrosia! You might be asking yourself what in the heck is it and why would I want to eat it. Well one because its so easy to make its stupid and two because I’m pretty sure if you could taste heaven then it would taste like this salad!!!
I do need to add a side note, in way is this a healthy salad!

What You Need:
One can of pineapple chunks
One can of mandarin oranges
One tub of cool whip
One to two cups of seedless red grapes
Half a bag of coconut flakes
Half a bag of mini marshmallows

Large mixing bowl
Paper Towels
Mixing spoon

How to make:
Strain all of the juice from the pineapple and mandarin oranges.
Take a paper towel and get them as dry as possible! (Trust me you want to do this).

Add the fruit to the bowl along with the coconut. Then add the Cool Whip and mini marshmallows. Fold together and try not to break the fruit.

After it’s all mixed together add your grapes (make sure those are also dry).
Once it’s all mixed together cover and chill for an hour or over night.


5 Reasons Country Girls Are Great Drivers


With winter just around the corner we thought we’d put together a list of why country girls are better drivers than city girls!!!!

1. Driving in boots is a hell of a lot easier than driving in heels!!
Now don’t get me wrong wearing heels are great, but when it comes to driving boots win!

2. Country girls have their hair and makeup all done by the time they need to leave!
It’s a fact our mama’s taught us to be ready for anything and yes, that means not doing your makeup in the car its not proper!

3. We’ve been driving forever!
Yes our daddies have been letting us break the law forever. Country kids drive everything and anything before they learn to ride a bike. So when its  time for the driving teat, we’ve already been driving for abut ten years!!!

4. We’re great at multitasking!
Not many girls can drive an old crappy trailer with lights that don’t work all while singing along to some Luke Bryan and petting a dog. Sorry some things you just can’t learn in a Prius!

5. We look great in a truck!
It’s a fact when a girl is in that truck we look great and it drives all the country boys crazy!!!

So there you have it! You can’t deny the facts!



Break The Bank

Break The Bank

Snow Sweet Snow

Snow Sweet Snow

Party Girl On A Budget

Party Girl On A Budget

New Artist Spotlight- Skrizzly Adams


If you follow me on Twitter then you know how much I love to find new artists and bands. So when I came across Skrizzly Adams I was hooked!! His music is bomb.com. I’d describe it as country, pop, rock and a whole lot of awesome.
Then last week I sent out a random tweet about how much I loved his music and that I wanted to set up an interview. And much to my surprise he was game.

Get his latest single “Tipping Point” out now!!!

So without further delay here is my interview with the very talented Skrizzly Adams!

How would you best describe your music?
Heartland Rock with an 808 bump

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?
Kanye West for his ability to always have a grand and concrete vision for his albums, as well as his hunger to push boundaries and innovate.   Johnny Cash and Bruce Springsteen for their honesty and ability to create such connective and emotion evoking music.

If you could duet with anyone (living or dead), who would it be?
Taylor Swift

What inspired you to get into music?
I kinda just started with music when I was 5 and just haven’t stopped, never thought twice about why I started or why I do it.  I believe you don’t choose music, music chooses you.

How has being from New Jersey shaped your music style?
Being from New Jersey definitely played a big part in shaping my music.  New Jersey really birthed the concept of the “strong, solitary male global ‘pop’ star” with Frank Sinatra.  Decades after Frank, came Bruce, and then Bon Jovi; all of which were international superstars, who at the end of the day were just regular Jersey guys.  Having these legends be from the same place as me, let me know it was okay to do what I’m doing.  Secondly, having easy access to the greatest city on earth, NYC, gave me such an advantage.  Having a plethora of information and culture, as well as the music industry, at my disposal gave me such an upper hand starting out.

How many instruments can you play?
I can play five instruments, but mainly just guitar these days.

Our childhoods shape us as adults, how did yours affect your music today?
My parents had 90’s country and classic rock playing nonstop during my childhood; this had a monumental impact on the music I make today.

Which artist or band do you find you put on repeat all the time?
The Rolling Stones

Is there a song out today that you wish you had wrote, if so why?
Jason Isbell has this song “Speed Trap Town” on his last album, that I so wish I wrote.  It’s super sparse, but insanely impactful and cinematic.  He accomplished what I always look to do when writing a song, but on a much greater scale.

Where do hope to see yourself in five years?
  On a major tour promoting my third full length album.

I know that your getting ready to go on tour, what are you looking forward to the most?
 I’m really looking forward to getting to connect with the people and just have some fun.  Getting to share experiences with others through music is such an awesome opportunity.

And now for our last question, what other news do you have for us?
New single, “Tipping Point” out 11.11!  So excited about this one, check it out now!

Keep Up With Skrizzly:
SnapChat: @skrizzlyadams

PARTY Time!!!!!

PARTY Time!!!!!

Winter Wonderland for less

Winter Wonderland for less

Date Night For under $100!

Date Night For under $100!