5 Reasons Country Girls Are Great Drivers


With winter just around the corner we thought we’d put together a list of why country girls are better drivers than city girls!!!!

1. Driving in boots is a hell of a lot easier than driving in heels!!
Now don’t get me wrong wearing heels are great, but when it comes to driving boots win!

2. Country girls have their hair and makeup all done by the time they need to leave!
It’s a fact our mama’s taught us to be ready for anything and yes, that means not doing your makeup in the car its not proper!

3. We’ve been driving forever!
Yes our daddies have been letting us break the law forever. Country kids drive everything and anything before they learn to ride a bike. So when its  time for the driving teat, we’ve already been driving for abut ten years!!!

4. We’re great at multitasking!
Not many girls can drive an old crappy trailer with lights that don’t work all while singing along to some Luke Bryan and petting a dog. Sorry some things you just can’t learn in a Prius!

5. We look great in a truck!
It’s a fact when a girl is in that truck we look great and it drives all the country boys crazy!!!

So there you have it! You can’t deny the facts!




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