Looking Back!!

IT’S 2016!!!! Okay, well you probably already knew that; unless you live under a rock. But seriously it’s here and I’m ready for it!!!

2015 was awesome why, because it’s when we got started! Launching Southern Princess Problems was a big jump, because I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear my thoughts on country music!! I laughed, I cried and then I danced and learned all the words to “Break Up In A Small Town”; but that’s a different post.

(PS I feel like I could out talk/sing Sam Hunt, just saying!!)

I had my first interview with the crazy talented Skrizzly Adams. I discovered a brand new artist Tyler Rich. I got to listen to some very good music!! I can blame most of country music for draining my data, (still waiting on WiFi); but all in all 2015 was a ton of fun!!
Not to mention I also managed to get fired (not sorry about that) and I’m pretty sure I made the new bachelor cry (oops) Xoxo Ben, but Prince Farming (Chris Soules) is more my type!!!

So thanks for reading and following!!!
Y’all are awesome!!!

Just wait to see what I do in 2016, it’s about to get CRAY!!!



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