∆ Artist Spotlight With Chloé Caroline∆

California has and will always be home!! There’s something about Cali that sticks to you like crazy glue. We are known for our awesome weather, Hollywood, The Golden Gate Bridge and The Walk Of Fame!! But what many people don’t know is that we have a huge country music scene!! Ever heard of Stagecoach and Buck Owens yeah that’s us!
There are so many new country artists coming from Cali that it’s hard to keep up!! One of those very talented artists is Chloé Caroline!! She’s a So Cal girl that’s been been rocking the boots since before Florida Georgia Line was making cruising cool!!

I got to know Chloé a little better and let me say that this girl is going places!!

So here is this week’s Artist Spotlight With Chloé Caroline!!

Q1. Not a lot of people know that country music is huge in California, how does it feel to represent Cali in Nashville?
Awesome of course! It’s actually pretty funny because in high school everybody would call me the “California country girl” and I would rock cowboy boots frequently. The majority of my friends from California are huge country fans and love going to Stagecoach so I expected to find that when I came to Nashville for school and music. However, I found that there are far more kids my age coming here for more than just country which is kind of cool as there are more people to learn from stylistically especially in a cowrite. OH and cowboy boots find their way mostly on Broadway now, rarely around my school like I thought I’d see them!

Q2. What made you want to sing Country Music?
Well for starters, my first two concerts I ever saw were Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain and at age 6 I fell in love with the stories behind the songs. I got to see a proposal at the Shania Twain concert during her song “Still The One” and I was hooked. I also used to parade around the house to Dolly Parton’s “I’ll Be Home With Bells On” because I loved the simple melody. Country music is very story-based and honest and I love the vulnerability behind it. I never really intended to sing a certain style, nor do I categorize myself to this day necessarily, but everybody always has said there’s something country in my voice, little do we know where it came from! I’m a born and raised Southern California beach girl!

Q3. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Goodness this might be the hardest question haha Well, I was extremely lucky to grow up with a father in the entertainment/music industry. He grew up singing/writing and playing in bands and now works on the business side and I had no choice but to listen to absolutely every genre. I love oldies, 60’s and 70’s everything because the writing is just perfection. Bon Jovi, Carol King, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Cat Stevens… I could go on. So I think I definitely have an old soul in me that I mix with newer influences. I’m obsessed with Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat, Gabrielle Aplin, Liz Longley, Michelle Branch and the Dixie Chicks, all of which I sang backwards and forwards and probably grew from. I think my personal sound is definitely something I call California country. It’s different and has a bit of pop with some L.A./beach flare and production.

Q4. What is your favorite part of preforming?
My favorite part of performing is probably getting to watch the audience the moment they hear a song they relate too. It’s like they think I’ve read their diary and it’s crazy awesome because I never want anyone to feel like they are alone in whatever they have/are going through because odds are, I’ve been there too!

Q5. Who are some of your biggest supporter’s?
My parents of course, biggest fans haha but honestly, I found a huge fan base with a social media app called Pic Collage. A huge population of people that use the app are girls as young as 8 reaching to 17 and its almost like a safer version of Instagram. I’ve been able to share videos, pictures, updates, etc. and even create contests with them that they can enter. I reached 56K followers this month which is nuts and they are the BEST. I love giving them advice, chatting with them one on one and really just being their big sis and it’s made a huge impact on my life. They inspire me every day with the letters they send me and collages they make for me. The best story I have about it is when I performed a small fundraiser show in my hometown and only briefly mentioned it on Pic Collage and at least 4 girls and their moms drove 2 hours to come see me when I was least expecting them. I got off the stage and was asked to take a picture and for a moment thought they thought I was someone else! Haha it was surreal to have that kind of support.

Q6. What would tell someone that is trying to break into Country Music? Well to break into music in general, I think the first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out who you are as an artist because only you can do that. Write down your goals as well, even start out with little ones. For example, I had never co-written until I came to Nashville besides with my dad, I only had written by myself because no one I knew back home wrote. So I decided when I got to Nashville I would start cold asking people to write with me. I even ended up writing with a super talented friend of mine that I met while he was driving me and my younger sister in an Uber in Nashville! Nashville is a town all about connects so if you’re doing country especially, you have to immerse yourself in the business even if that means learning the behind the scenes business stuff first so you know what you’re talking about before you sit in that first meeting. You want to be knowledgeable about every side of the industry so you don’t run into problems later.

Q7. What is one song on the radio that you wish you had wrote?
This is another impossible question because there are too many I love, so I’m just going to answer it based on what is on the radio currently at this moment in time. I’d say right now “Burning House” by CAM mainly because I’m listening to her new album on repeat, especially the song “Village”, which is the most beautiful song I’ve heard in a while.

Q8. What is one fashion accessory you can’t live without?
Do I have to pick one? Because truthfully I just love clothes so much its unreal. But as far as accessories I would say rings, I usually wear a ton at a time but I always wear the one my mom gave me when I graduated high school that says “Nothing is Impossible”. It speaks for itself haha Oh and lip color, even if I’m not wearing makeup I have to have some sort of tint/lip color or I don’t feel myself!

Q9. If you could be any Disney Princess who would it be?
Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty for sure. She’s a stunner and I’ve always thought she was the best since I was tiny and her long blonde hair is strikingly similar to mine haha.

Q10. What is one movie that you can watch over and over?
A Walk To Remember. I know the sound track by heart.

Q11. Who are currently crushing on in Country Music?
Brett Eldridge. I have no words. I have a girl crush on Maren Morris though because her EP is just genius and she’s so cool.

Q12. What song best described 2015 for you?
This is so unfair! There are way too many favorites. I’m pulling open my iTunes and Spotify as we speak. I’d say “Force of Nature” by Bea Miller. I fell in love with my best friend this past year and he’s completely been a force of nature in my life ever since. I mean, how many people can say they get to make music with their boyfriend’s on the reg. He produced my last single “A Kiss Don’t Lie” and it was so much fun.

You can get Chloé’s EP ‘One Left Standing’ on iTunes!!

Get Chloé’s single ‘A Kiss Don’t Lie’ on iTunes!!

Show Chloé some love on Social Media:
Twitter: @imchloecaroline
Facebook: Chloe Caroline Music
Instagram: @imchloecaroline
Chloé Caroline.com




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