~Breakfast Time~


For many of us breakfast is an over sugared lukewarm coffee and maybe a piece of a soggy toast, why? Well because who has time for a fancy breakfast???

I know life gets busy, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without!!
Just like you treat yourself to that hot new pair of heels that just came out, you need a nice healthy breakfast!!

So here is my go to healthy, but super tasty breakfast!!

What you need:
One large egg (It doesn’t have to be organic but I have chickens, so I’m spoiled lol)
One English muffin
Two sausage links (Farmer John’s is my favorite)
Small amount of butter for the English Muffin
Cheese (Optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Tea or coffee!

How to make it:
Cook the egg Sunnyside up, salt and pepper to taste.
Toast the English Muffin till it’s golden brown.
Warmup the sausage.
Butter the English Muffin, put the egg on, cut the sausage in half put on top of egg, add cheese, put other half of English Muffin on top!!

And there you have it a yummy, super healthy breakfast sandwich!! That’s way better than anything you’ll get at any fast-food joint!!!



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