{5 Reasons You Should Always Blast The Radio In The Car}


We’ve all been there, you turn on the radio and there it is, your jam that one song that gets the party started! So what do you do; you turn it up as loud as possible!!

So here are 5 reasons you should blast the radio in the car:

#5 It’s your car and think of all those years that you were confined to that freaking back seat!!

#4 Unless you’re Hilary Scott or Brett Eldredge your car karaoke sucks!! And the louder the music the better you’ll sound!

#3 If your Snapchat has been a little dull car concerts are awesome!! Trust me no one wants to see any more pics of your cat or dinner.

#2 It makes traffic a lot more fun!!! Not just for yourself, but for all the other drivers!!

#1 You might meet some hot guys or girls!! If you’re busting out to some Luke Bryan “Kick The Dust Up” and you’re at a red light some hotie may see and well you never know what might come next!!



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