^Go Get Crazy^


How many times have you seen someone doing something completely insane and you told yourself “Man I wish I had their life!”?
It happens way to often!! Let’s put an end to this madness!!
We all deserve to live a life full of adventure!!! So where do you start?!?
Well I’ve come up with a list of things you can do to jump out of your comfort zone and live life; because you only get one life!!
I love the quote that Scott Eastwood has in his Bio on twitter,
“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin'”

But honestly it’s true!!

Here are some things you can do to make your life worth living:

Go to Coachella at least once or any other music fest!!
I’ve never been, but it’s definitely on the list!! Now go for the music and all the crazy people, but don’t get stupid and get caught up in the drugs and anything else that’s illegal!! Going to jail isn’t living its just lame!!

Learn a language!!
Knowing more than one language is super amazing and opens up a while new world you’ve been to!!
I’m trying to learn Italian (I’m actually not that bad lol)! Plus its super sexy when you rattle off something!!! I’ve also tried to learn sign language (that one is a bit of a challenge)!!

Now this seems like a no brainier but I know more people that go on vacation to the exact same place year after year!! That’s fine but get crazy and go somewhere you’ve never been before!! Let your inner gypsy take charge and roam around!!

Get a tattoo!
Okay this one is a little extreme, but why not!!
No I haven’t done this one; mainly because I’m pretty sure my mom would have a heart attack!! But to those that do, I applaud you!!

Have a dance party!!
Invite as many people over as possible, turn on Pandora go to Ke$ha radio, turn it up as loud as it goes, turn off all of the lights, hang up some Christmas lights and get your grove on!!

Tell your boss to suck it
this one isn’t for everyone!! But if you can do it, well what the hell do it!! (Make sure you have a back up plan and I’m not responsible before the aftermath that happens after)!!

Lose The Weight Like You’ve Always Wanted To!
Just do it!! You’ve been wanting to get in that bikini for years, so go do it!!
I’ve struggled with weight for a while and I’m done with it, so I’m in charge now not the food!! I want to look hot in a bikini!! I’m eating less, drinking more water, being more positive about my body, and working out like a beast!!
Just Dance is what I’ve been doing and yes I’ve already lost weight!! I do it for about 45 minuets to an hour and a half!! When you first start it you’ll feel like you’re going to die, but after like two weeks you’ll feel better!!!

So there you go a few things to get your life moving!!!

If you have any other ideas tell me in the comment’s!!!



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