{My Top 5 Pandora Stations}


So I love making lists because well to be honest, I am completely OCD (I do wish that it was CDO) and things being in order make me breath just a little better!!

Do you ever get board when you’re streaming music?? I know I do!! My music taste is insane; in an hour on Pandora I went from Brett Eldredge to Lana Del Ray to Kendrick Lamar to Baker Mat and then to Chris Young!!
I’m crazy, but it’s always a party in my headphones!!

So here are 5 stations on Pandora that you should be listening to!!

#5 Chris Young
This station is awesome because it plays all of Chris’ albums, plus a ton of classics!!

#4 Lana Del Ray
Okay this one might be an acquired taste!! Not everyone is into her music, but I can’t seem to turn it off!!

#3 Baker Mat
You’ve probably never heard of them!! I hadn’t either; but one day a few month’s ago, I was browsing Instagram and Scott Eastwood put up a screenshot of Baker Mat on his Pandora, so I had to check them out!! And now I am obsessed with dutch techno!! Thanks Scott!!

#2 Lindsey Sterling
I am completely in love with her music!! She’s a classically trained violinist that remasters her music!!! Honestly go listen to her!!

#1 Brett Eldredge
Well besides being a crazy Brett fan, this radio is awesome because it plays all the new releases in Nashville!!

So what are you waiting for go take a listen!!!!



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