Happy Valentine’s

So it’s Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it, “National Single Awareness Day”, but my love life (or lack of), is for an entirely different post!!

I thought that I would post a few very handsome and very SINGLE celebrities, since you have a better chance of marrying one of these guys, then you do winning the lottery!!!

(This is in a random order!!)


Chris Soules aka ‘Prince Farming’-
Okay ladies Chris had a rough 2015!! First he lost Dancing With The Stars and then he and Whitney broke off their engagement even after it was all hyped up by The Bachelor! But Chris seems to be happy and somehow he seems to have gotten better looking!! Maybe it’s because he’s single I have no clue, but whatever he’s doing he doesn’t need to stop!! I mean if the opportunity came, I’d move to his corn farm in the middle of rural Iowa; I’ve always wanted to be a princess lol!!


Brett Eldredge-
Where do I even start with Mr. Eldredge!?!?!
Well he had an amazing 2015!! He released his sophomore album “Illinois”, his single “Lose My Mind” went to #1 for a few weeks, and luckily for all of the ladies out there, he also ended things with Rachel Hilbert! Better known as the blonde in his video “Lose My Mind” and she’s a Victoria Secret model!!


Prince Harry-
The Prince that everyone loves has been single for a while now!!
He probably has the biggest heart and he loves kids!! Plus he has boarded the beard train and it doesn’t look like he’s getting off any time soon, not that anyone wants him to!!
Harry starting filling in for Queen Elizabeth a lot last year and from the sounds of things 2016 will be even busier!! So if you don’t mind playing with cute little orphans, hanging out with ex-military and visiting with people in need then he’s the one for you!!!


Tyler Rich-
The new comer to country music that everyone needs to hear about!!
2015 was HUGE for Tyler!! He won a contest from Snag a Job and he got to open for Brett Eldredge for a couple of shows, he is currently on the ‘He’ll Of A Night Tour’ with Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane and at the beginning of summer he moved to Nashville!!
And it looks like the only lady in his life that you’d really need to impress (besides his mom), would be his Husky Abbey!! I have never seen someone love their dog as much as he does!! It’s honestly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!!! Plus she’s super cute!!


Scott Eastwood-
Now I don’t know how this man is single!?!?!?! I mean have you seen him???? He definitely has all the traits you’d want in a BF he listens to Taylor Swift and he was in her video (‘Wildest Dreams’ check it out), he looks super hot in a cowboy hat (not easy), he rocks a tuxedo better than James Bond gay least that’s what I think), he has a super cute puppy named Freddy, he surfs and he fly’s his helicopter up and down the California coast!! Hello what isn’t to love about him????? I don’t think Holland Eastwood sounds to bad, do you?

So there’s my list of super handsome and super single men!!!

I don’t own any of these photos!!!! They all came from album covers and social media!!!!



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