“Tangled Up”


So I won’t do an album review until I know the words to every single song as if I wrote it!!
And now I can add Thomas Rhett’s Tangled Up to my inventory!!!

I have had this album on repeat since I got it!!! Now I knew Mr. Rhett knew how to start a party from his last album “It Goes Like This”, but “Tangled Up” brings us a new unknown side of Thomas!!!

If you’ve ever imagined (or hoped for), what it would sound like if Motown and Nashville had a baby, then you really really need to listen to this album from start to finish!!

I think one if the biggest surprises was the duet with Jordan Sparks “Playing With Fire”!!! I didn’t even know he had did a song with Jordan until it came on!! It’s amazing! Everything about that song is perfect!

But out of all the songs my favorite is T-Shirt! This song brings sexy, flirty, fun, and (as the British like to say), checky!!!

So what are you waiting for go and get this album here!!!

Track Listing:
1. Anthem
2. Crash and Burn
3. South Side
4. Die a Happy Man
5. Vacation
6. Like It’s The Last Time
7. T-Shirt
8. Single Girl
9. The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back
10. Tangled
11. Playing With Fire
12. I Feel Good
13. Learned It From The Radio

Keep up with Thomas:
Twitter: @ThomasRhett
Instagram: @ThomasRhettAkins
Facebook: Thomas Rhett



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