James Corden

So if you need some major laughs watch this right now!!!

And hanging with JLo and James Corden are now on my bucket list!!!!!




Dierks Bentley’s 8th studio album “Black” is set to drop May 27th (digital April 1at). Just in time for summer!

And if “Somewhere On A Beach” is any insight on what we’ll hear on the album I know it’s going to rock!!

Dierks shared with MusicRow.com some insight on what we can look forward to hearing,
“It’s a relationship album that covers the ups and downs of the journey and ends with some self-realization and evolvement,” shared Bentley. “The song ‘Black’ helps set all of that in motion at the top of the album by guiding you into the darkness and the shadows of the night. The same guy who sings ‘Somewhere on a Beach’ winds up growing and having enough perspective to sing something introspective like ‘Different for Girls.’ By the last song, he’s taking a look back on love and life.”

Black” also features some super amazing artists Elle King (my newest obsession), Maren Morris (she’ll be on tour with Keith Urban this summer), Natalie Hemby (Pistol Annies), Hillary Lindsey (writer if “Jesus Take The Wheel and “American Honey”), Jessi Alexander and Trombone Shorty.

BLACK Track List
1. “Black”
2. “Pick Up”
3. “I’ll Be The Moon” (feat. Maren Morris)
4. “What The Hell Did I Say”
5. “Somewhere On A Beach”
6. “Freedom”
7. “Why Do I Feel”
8. “Roses And A Time Machine”
9. “All The Way to Me”
10. “Different for Girls” (feat. Elle King)
11. “Mardi Gras” (feat. Trombone Shorty)
12. “Light It Up”
13. “Can’t Be Replaced”

Video Review “Mind Reader”- Dustin Lynch

For the last few weeks I’ve been jamming out to “Mind Reader” whenever it came on the radio. I’m in love with this song, I really am!!
But whenever the music video comes out I worry just a little because one of three things happens, first it’s awful you know those videos that should’ve never been made! Second it doesn’t go with the song, I understand people want to get creative, but let’s be honest it needs to make since! And third it fits the song perfectly and all is well in the music world!!
So where does “Mind Reader” fit? It definitely is the latter!!!

This video has all the components that make an awesome video!
It had a pretty girl, an awesome car, a great story and of course Dustin Lynch was AMAZING in his cowboy hat!!


Saturday Jam’s

If you’re still feeling the effects of St Patrick’s day here are is a little jam to get you over it!!!

Old Dominion – Snapback:


Mean Tweets Country Style

This literally makes me cry every time I watch it, way to funny!!!!!




It’s #MusicMonday y’all!!!!

What is your current go to song?
Thomas Rhett- “T-Shirt
This song is super cute and sexy all at the same time!!!

What event are you looking forward to attending?
I’m hoping to go to the California State fair this year which has at least one country act!!!

Who is an artist that everyone needs to check out?
Nick Alligood!!! He’s super new to the Nashville scene but he’s amazing!!! His EP Chaser is amazing!!

Favorite song about Ireland or by an Irish Musician?
Celtic Women are absolutely my favorite Irish group!!! They make me almost cry every time I listen to them, because they’re voices are so beautiful!!

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×Best Looking Bros×

Okay so if you’re a fan of Brett Eldredge then you know that the handsome genes definitely run in the family with his brother Brice!!!!
You can also find Brice in Brett’s video “Drunk On Your Love”!!!


-Photo via Brett’s Snapchat


Chalk Board Paint


Chalk Board Paint is literally my favorite kind of paint!!
I have painted pretty much everything with it and when I say everything that means wood tables, the leaf to the dinning room table, the refrigerator, etc!!
So I’d have to say that I am a chalkboard paint expert or addict, whatever!

I’ve used different brands and the best I’ve found is Rustoleum!! I don’t know why but theirs is the best! It covers perfectly and it’s inexpensive.
I can get a quart for around $10.00.
You may be thinking that a quart isn’t a lot, but it goes a long way if you follow the directions!!
It says that you need three coats and I 100% agree!! If you don’t do three coats you’ll have steaks!!
If your going to be making an actual chalkboard you will need to “season” it before you use it. So all you do is after it dries take a piece of chalk, hold it long ways and run the chalk all over your surface! After about an hour get a damp cloth and wipe it clean!
If you don’t do this whatever you write on the board will stain it when you wipe it off!! You don’t have to season it if you’re not going to be writing on you surface!!

So here’s what you need to chalkboard, well anything!!

Paint brush or sponge
I use a sponge that way I don’t have to rinse it out. If you do use a brush it rinses out pretty good because it’s a latex base!!
Paint Tray
You really don’t have to use a paint tray because the quart size is small and easy to carry!!
Drop cloth
I get kinda get messy when I paint so I just use an old sheet! Plus it’s eco friendly!!
This is a must because if any drips it’ll stain your clothes or carpet!
If it drips on tile or linoleum it comes right off with water!

I don’t ever sand the surface I’m painting because it takes way to long, but if you want to you can!

I love this paint because it works and it dries completely in like two hours they say to let it cure for three days but I’ve never had any problems with it and I never let if cure for that long!!

I’ve found that if its 75° or higher it dries super fast, but if its below that you might need to use a hair dryer to dry it.

So happy painting!!

~Baseball Time~


Okay baseball is just around the corner, I can literally smell the fresh cut grass!!!

But what happens if you’re in English lit and it just so happens that the starting pitcher sits next to you, he’s super hot and he just invited you to the next home game!!
So you might be asking yourself what do I wear to a game?

Here’s a quick reference to game day outfits!!

#1 Leave the heels at home!!
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen girls dress up like Barbie to go to the game!! Let’s be honest heels are so not comfy and it makes you look like you’re trying WAY to hard!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of heels, but stick with sandals!

#2 Forget the skirt!
You’re not clubbing it’s a baseball game, casual is much more appealing to guys!!!

#3 The Wallet is your BFF!!
With all of the crazy security checks just take your wallet and if it doubles as a phone case, it’s a win win!!

#4 Its all about the hat!
I don’t like wearing hats but in this case it’s definitely an option! Get a cute one, but make sure it looks like it’s been worn!! Curl your pony it’ll look great!!

#5 Soft make-up!!
Stick to the basics, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, etc!

Bonus Tip:
Depending on where the game is make sure to check the weather!! Because you may need sunscreen or a sweatshirt!!


2016 Hair Color Trends

2016 is proving to be one crazy year and right now the hair trends are on point!!!

Here are the top 5 hair color trends of 2016 (so far):

So I’ve noticed lots of purple happening for a few months now!!! Even Piper Palin is rocking the purple/violate!!! It comes off way more subtle then pink!!!


#4 Gray
Yup that’s rights ladies it’s not just for your granny!! Gray was all the the rage in Asia for a while, but it’s slowly making its way to our neck of the woods!!!


#3 Blue/Green
I seem to be seeing a lot of these two colors all mixed together!!! It reminds me of something I’d see in a Tinkerbell cartoon!! That’s right it’s Fairy Hair!! It’s so pretty!!

#2 Oil Slick
This one sounds crazy, but it’s gorgeous!!! I would recommend this one to brunettes!! It combines purple, blue, green and blond all together and it’s edgy preppy!!

#1 Balayage
Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. Which makes this hair color option the most natural looking!!!! I am absolutely in love with this one!!!! I’m thinking of doing this the next time I color my hair!!!

(All photos are from Pinterest. I do not claim ownership of any of them!!!)