It’s Sunday Now What?


It’s March and that’s means football is officially over until August!!!!
So what in the world are you to do on a Sunday??? Millions are asking this question, because the withdrawals are hard to deal with!!!

Here’s a list of 5 cheap and easy things to do on Sunday!!

#5 Go Junkin’!!
Who doesn’t love to find old junk and make it cute?!?!?!?

#4 Go tubbing down a river!!
This might not work for everyone because it’s still snowing in some parts of the country, but when it warms up grab an inertube, a big group of friends, tie a cooler to one of the inner tubes, and get your float on!!

#3 Bake a cake or make an Ice Box pie!!!!
I just made the best Peanut Butter pie EVER!!!!!! (RECIPE TO COME)

#2 Find a music festival!!!
This one is the most expensive, but so worth it!!!

#1 Spend a few hours under listening to new music!!!!
Go on YouTube and type in random genres!!!!!



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