2016 Hair Color Trends

2016 is proving to be one crazy year and right now the hair trends are on point!!!

Here are the top 5 hair color trends of 2016 (so far):

So I’ve noticed lots of purple happening for a few months now!!! Even Piper Palin is rocking the purple/violate!!! It comes off way more subtle then pink!!!


#4 Gray
Yup that’s rights ladies it’s not just for your granny!! Gray was all the the rage in Asia for a while, but it’s slowly making its way to our neck of the woods!!!


#3 Blue/Green
I seem to be seeing a lot of these two colors all mixed together!!! It reminds me of something I’d see in a Tinkerbell cartoon!! That’s right it’s Fairy Hair!! It’s so pretty!!

#2 Oil Slick
This one sounds crazy, but it’s gorgeous!!! I would recommend this one to brunettes!! It combines purple, blue, green and blond all together and it’s edgy preppy!!

#1 Balayage
Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. Which makes this hair color option the most natural looking!!!! I am absolutely in love with this one!!!! I’m thinking of doing this the next time I color my hair!!!

(All photos are from Pinterest. I do not claim ownership of any of them!!!)



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