Chalk Board Paint


Chalk Board Paint is literally my favorite kind of paint!!
I have painted pretty much everything with it and when I say everything that means wood tables, the leaf to the dinning room table, the refrigerator, etc!!
So I’d have to say that I am a chalkboard paint expert or addict, whatever!

I’ve used different brands and the best I’ve found is Rustoleum!! I don’t know why but theirs is the best! It covers perfectly and it’s inexpensive.
I can get a quart for around $10.00.
You may be thinking that a quart isn’t a lot, but it goes a long way if you follow the directions!!
It says that you need three coats and I 100% agree!! If you don’t do three coats you’ll have steaks!!
If your going to be making an actual chalkboard you will need to “season” it before you use it. So all you do is after it dries take a piece of chalk, hold it long ways and run the chalk all over your surface! After about an hour get a damp cloth and wipe it clean!
If you don’t do this whatever you write on the board will stain it when you wipe it off!! You don’t have to season it if you’re not going to be writing on you surface!!

So here’s what you need to chalkboard, well anything!!

Paint brush or sponge
I use a sponge that way I don’t have to rinse it out. If you do use a brush it rinses out pretty good because it’s a latex base!!
Paint Tray
You really don’t have to use a paint tray because the quart size is small and easy to carry!!
Drop cloth
I get kinda get messy when I paint so I just use an old sheet! Plus it’s eco friendly!!
This is a must because if any drips it’ll stain your clothes or carpet!
If it drips on tile or linoleum it comes right off with water!

I don’t ever sand the surface I’m painting because it takes way to long, but if you want to you can!

I love this paint because it works and it dries completely in like two hours they say to let it cure for three days but I’ve never had any problems with it and I never let if cure for that long!!

I’ve found that if its 75° or higher it dries super fast, but if its below that you might need to use a hair dryer to dry it.

So happy painting!!


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