I decided that in 2016 I’m going to live a new kinda life!! I’m going to be more daring and I’m going to be an adventurer!!

Let’s just say so far it’s been a little weird!!

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
Got my nose pierced
There is an awesome story behind this one. Of course I couldn’t get my nose pierced the normal way. No, I had to get it done at my house, at midnight after a BBQ!! (Yeah I have some awesome crazy friends!) And I’m pretty sure that it was cleaner than any piercing place around!!
It was perfect. I mean yeah it hurt a little but it was all good, until an exact week later it fell out while I was sleeping and then got infected and I had to take it out!! (My ears did the same thing, I should have known!)

Next up I went to a rock show
Now you’re probably thinking that it was really boring, but it wasn’t!!
There were some crazy people of all hair colors and ages; plus a lady with pink, purple and blue hair pushing a dog stroller!!

I also went to a rabbit show!!
Yes, that’s a thing (look it up), and I think I’m a little allergic to rabbit hair!!

So the next thing on my list is trying to Paddle Board (I’m going to break something I just know it) and I’m going to send in my audition tape to be on Survivor and since I’m not a big fan of frogs, the heat, or camping it should be very interesting!!

I’ll keep y’all informed on my craziness!!


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