Things That Work


(Yes I stole this from Tyler’s Snapchat!!)

Okay y’all why do something’s work and well others don’t!!
For example peanut butter and jelly it works!!! Pickles and jelly well let’s be honest it’s never worked!!

So today when I was on Snapchat (yes I’m an addict, follow me hollandgibson) I came across Tyler Rich’s Snapchat story and apparently only Tyler and his friend Alex can make Hawaiian shirts work!!!
You may be thinking “Thats not possible, Hawaiian shirts are for old fat guys from Michigan who have never had a tan!!” Well yes I thought the same thing until today!!

So bravo guys on making the Hawaiian shirt hot!!
(Lol I still can’t believe that I’m saying that!)

Plus I’m so wishing that I was at Coachella hanging with some awesome people like these two!!!

Make sure to follow Tyler on
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify!!
Hey show Alex some love too
(I hope he doesn’t mind I did a little Instagram stocking and found his lol)


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