Since I was 12 I’ve wanted to golf!! Yes I understand that was 11 almost 12 years ago!!
But I’m pretty sure that I finally have my dad convinced that he should teach me and since he was on his high school golf team (he lettered) and he taught me how to drive a car, he can now teach me how to use a driver, (see what I did there haha and if you didn’t get it it’s all good it’s a stupid joke)!!

Now I’ll give you a little background on myself! I was what parents and teachers called an “old soul” or some like to say “stick in the mud”I hated to run as a kid, I hated the outdoors and I even cryed at a petting zoo because I guess I thought that a goat would attack me, I don’t what was wrong with me!! So golf would be an obvious choice right!!
Well now thanks to Jordan, Rory, Jake Owen and all the other super handsome/amazingly talented young people, golf is now the cool preppy sport!! I’m pretty sure that everyone is playing or at least trying to play!!

It’s now going to be my thing!! Yes I plan on being great at it, hell I might go pro anything is possible it’s 2016!!

And yes I already have a golf board on Pinterest with some super cute outfits!!

So here’s to me bringing my inner Happy Gilmore to a golf course near you 😉


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