Camping at The Hilton!


Buzzfeed somehow always knows what to say and when to say it!! So randomly one day I was googling funny quotes about not camping or not being “outdoorsy” and I ran across an article from BuzzFeed titled
“32 Signs You’re Not An Outdoors Person At All”
Yes that spoke to me!!

I can honestly say that I hate the outdoors as in the wilderness!! Don’t get me wrong I like parks, my backyard, a farm, even a botanical garden here or there is lovely but camping and having to pee in a hole is so not me!!

So when I read this article I about died because it’s basically me minus the gardening and farming part!!!

Here are a few things according to BuzzFeed:

1. You get stressed out thinking about the lack of power outlets outside.

2. And you don’t even want to think about how bad the wifi service is.

7. You don’t care about learning how to use a compass — you have Google Maps for that stuff.

12. You consider mosquito’s the worst creatures on earth.

15. You’re not sure why you’d go hiking outside when there’s a perfectly good treadmill at the gym.

19. Or if it’s hot, you start sweating the moment you step outdoors.

25. Going camping is basically your darkest nightmare

Check out all 32 signs here!!!


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