Momerview With Tyler Rich’s Mom Monique

Photo Via Tyler’s Facebook

Back in August I discovered a newcomer to the Nashville Music scene, you might have heard of him, he’s the extremely talented (and handsome) Tyler Rich!!! He’s a country boy from Northern Cali and he knows a thing or two about writing music that makes you love him and country music!!
The first time I heard his music was on YouTube when I typed in the wrong thing and his song “California Grown” came on; I was looking for the song that’s played in the car commercial (I still don’t know what the song is lol)!
So I jumped on the Tyler Rich fan train, I’ve posted his music all over the place!! I feel like I have a duty as a fellow country music junkie to anyone from Cali repping country music!! I mean honestly if you’re from Cali than “California Grown” is the anthem!!


My guest blogger Bailey Anne came up with an awesome idea for the blog, she told me to interview moms of country artists, since moms are our biggest fans and supporters. So I fell in love with the idea and we got in touch with Tyler’s mom Monique.
Let me say that she is the sweetest lady ever!! She answered all the questions super fast and even let her OCD, (as she put it) kick in and she corrected all her answers lol!!
I know a ton of Tyler’s fans that have met him say how nice he is and after chatting with his mom I know where he gets it!!!


Q1. I’m a huge fan of Tyler’s music. When did you know that music was going to be his career?
Career? That’s a good question.  I guess I didn’t realize this until he started paying his bills with money he was earning from playing shows instead of the shows being considered his side jobs.

Q2. Where do you see his music going in the next 5 years?
This past year has been overwhelming!  I see good things! Always good things!

Q3. What is your favorite song of his?
Probably ‘Radio’ it’s an emotional song. It’s still hard for me to listen to as his Mother… I think I shed a tear every time so maybe not my favorite but the most meaningful to me. Can I pick another?

Q4. When you first heard his song on the radio what was your reaction?
Tears of course! Happy tears this time, though (smile) and a smile that made my cheeks hurt.

Q5. Growing up what was Tyler like?
As a young boy he was always right hahaha. If you told him it was 8:30 he would say “No it’s not, it’s 8:27.” It was all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon  and Power Rangers.  He was knd to everyone and no one was a stranger.

Q6. What is some of the best advice you’ve passed on to Tyler?
I don’t know there’s been a lot of advice. The best advice is the advice that he has retained.  I always stress.  Don’t let people’s compliments go to your head or their criticisms go to your heart and always remember no act of kindness is ever wasted. We rise by lifting others.

Q7. Parents always have the best stories about us kids, what is one story that you always like to tell about Tyler?
Oh… OK haha, Well one time when Tyler was 9 years old and his little brother,  Zach was about 2 years old I heard some whispering just around the corner in the next room.  I tip toed and peeked..  Tyler was telling his tiny, little toddler brother to dump and squirt the shampoo bottle down on the carpet until it was empty. They were both laughing. The bottle was in Zach’s little pudgy hands with Tyler’s hands on top.

Q8. What kind of music did you play when Tyler was growing up and do you think it’s had any impact on his music now?
Tyler grew up in the 90’s when I listened to country music so there was a lot of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Clint Black and Brooks & Dunn in the house so yes, I think it did! He came back around to his roots full circle.

Q9. As anyone knows from Tyler’s social media he has a major candy addiction. Has he always been a candy lover?
Yes! And it’s my fault! I am a super commuter. I use candy to keep me awake in the car so it was always in the house. Plus I think it’s genetic! So in his defense, he comes by it naturally.

Q10. When Tyler’s not working and he comes to visit, what is his favorite food that you make?
He loves my broccoli casserole and my creamed cheese mashed potatoes.

Q11. Where does his country roots come from since he’s a Cali kid?
If you listen to his ‘California Grown’ song it explains a lot! We’re from Northern California which is mostly farmland and farming communities very rural in the city that we’re from.

Q12. I’m pretty sure Tyler’s husky Abby is super pampered lol. Has Tyler always been a dog lover?
Tyler loves all animals! He was even a vegetarian for years for ethical reasons. And yes, Abby is pampered. She is a diva. We had 4 huskies at one time when Tyler was growing up in California. People would come over and call our house a farm because we had so many animals and no it wasn’t a farm in the traditional sense, we lived in the suburbs. They were referring to our cats, dogs, turtle and hamsters.

Q13. Are any of Tyler’s tattoos dedicated to you?
Yes, it’s the sweetest thing. I came home from work one day and he was so proud. I never really got into the whole tattoo era so he didn’t know what to expect from me…  But he walked up to me so proud and showed me the top of his arm. It was so shiny and fresh with my name (Monique) beaming in the sunlight.  I said “What’s that, is it real?”  He looked at me and said “YEAH!”  I looked at him and smiled, tears in my eyes and hugged him… such a special moment. I just love him.

Q14. What is your favorite cover he does?
He has so many.  I’ll have to say ‘I hope you dance’ by Lee Ann Womack. Although he doesn’t sing it often. You have to request it. If I had to pick one he sings often? It would be ‘Check yes or no’ by George Strait.

Q15. Was Tyler an easy baby?
Well I’ll blame this one on me. I was a nervous Mother he was my first baby! That’s all I’m going to say lolol.  After about 8 months yes he was…

Q16. What are some of Tyler’s best qualities?
His empathy and kindness towards others.  Plus he’s very responsible. I could go on and on. Those are my top 3.

Q17. And lastly what is one thing that you want to say to Tyler about his music and his future?
I’ll just repeat what I said to him recently.  ‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’ And Tyler you give it away beautifully.

I loved getting to know a little more about Tyler from the one person that knows him best his mom!!
Thanks again Monique for chatting!!
And I hope it’s not too embarrassing for Tyler!!!

Be sure to follow Monique on Twitter

Make sure to follow Tyler and keep up with all of his latest music:
Twitter: @TylerRichMusic
IG: @TylerRich
SnapChat: TylerRichMusic
Facebook: Tyler Rich Music


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