Summer Shoe Game

I am pretty sure that I have a major addiction to sandals!!! Honestly I wear them all year long!!
I’m guessing it’s my inner California girl coming out haha!!
But let’s get real flip-flops, gladiator sandals, wedges the list goes on and on!! Every girl needs at least two of every kind!!
So here’s a few examples to work off of!!

These are the main go to summer shoe!! Literally everyone wears them babies to 80 year olds!! So stock up. I bought the cheap foam ones from Walmart for 50 cents!!!! But you can also go crazy and buy some for $$$$!!!
Which ever you choose buy multiples!!

These are awesome. When they first came out they were simple but lately the fashion world has went all crazy and now you can get the ones that tie all the up your leg!! They’re super sexy and way Gypzee looking!!

I love these!! One because they are super cute and casual; plus when you need to dress up an outfit they work perfectly!! And best of all they’re the only heel that doesn’t hurt your feet!!

High heel Sandals:
Okay so these are in my opinion the sexiest kind of heels!! Rock a pair of these bad boys and you’ll definitely be breaking neck’s!!!

Check out these amazing sites to find all kinds of shoes at great low prices!!!!
Shoe Dazzle
Charlotte Russe
Ami Club Wear
Go Jane
Make Me Chic


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