❣Ways To Grow Follows❣

People are always asking why I blog and spend so much time on social media and how it’s my job! Well first I absolutely love the opportunity to get to network with people from all over the country and world!! It opens a whole world of opportunity that I  would’ve never had the chance to see if hadn’t decided to blog. Second it’s fun! I’m a bit of a gypsy and I love seeing things and places I’ve never seen before.
Okay so now you’re wondering how you can get paid to post on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest?? Well it’s a lot simpler than you think!! First off get ready to work! It takes lots of effort to grow your site’s and get the traffic you want. 

I have always been on social media but this past year I jumped off and made it my main priority. I am now getting between 30,000 to 75,000 impressions on Twitter and I get at least 45 to 100 likes on Instagram!! Now this may not seem like a lot but I haven’t spent a dime on anything! I have only used free sites and I didn’t pay for any advertising!! So all of my views and follows are from my content. I am thinking about paying to make my site dot com just so I own it. 

So now you want to get your accounts noticed!! Each social media platform has some kind of unique way of getting things done.

Here’s some things I’ve learned over the past year:


  1. The more you post, like and follow will get you follows.
  2. You can’t over post! It’s true I mean why would I follow someone that doesn’t post!
  3. Make aure you have a really good pictures. Invest in a good camera and do your research.
  4. If you are using pictures from other sites make sure you get permission or at least credit them. I posted a picture of Jake Owen at CMA Fest and I tagged who o got it from, Jake and the photographer. My post people won’t mind if you share their work as long as you credit them. And if you don’t know who’s picture it is just put from wherever you got it from like Pinterest or something.
  5. Make it match. An IG account that posts anything looks desperate and crazy. Pick a theme or color scheme.


  1. Pinterest is pretty easy. Make multiple boards. I like to follow just the boards sometimes. 
  2. Post all the time and anytime.
  3. Go crazy there is literally no way to “over” post on Pinterest.
  4. Make sure to follow really good accounts it helps to find good pins.


  1. Wit is the Twitter game in my opinion! I have literally posted something way stupid and got a ton of hits on it!
  2. Don’t complain! No one care if you don’t like your mother in law. Now if she said something stupid or funny post it. 
  3. Don’t over tag people. You’ll start looking like a stocker if you’re not careful. Now writing something like “How does @jakeowen keep his teeth so white?? #AskingForAFriend”  now this is funny and people will like it and if you’re lucky Jake might reply!! I once said that Chris Soules was more my type than Ben Higgins from The Bachelor, well apparently Ben read that and said that Chris was a great guy and that he hopped I would still enjoy the he show lol. Anything is possible!! PS I still feel kinda bad!!
  4. The public loves emojis!! It’s true. The last Bachelor with Ben I used emojis to explain The Bachelor. 
  5. Hashtag !!! I honestly don’t understand why people even use Twitter if they’re not going to hashtag! What’s the point!!
  6. Use a picture and links it makes things interactive!!

So think before you post!! And if you’re interested in launching a social media marketing campaign E-mail me for more information!!

And don’t for get to follow me on Twitter  IG and Pinterest!!!



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