Give The Gift Of Plumpy Nut❣❣❣❣

How many times do you spend $12 dollars??? I mean honestly $12 dollars is like nothing!! It’s two meals at Taco Bell, three Starbucks drinks, one movie ticket, a bottle of nail polish, the list goes on and on!! 

But what if you could buy 21 life saving packs of Plumpy Nut for $12 dollars?? What is Plumpy Nut, well it’s a bar made with a peanut paste base and it helps malnutrished children gain weight!! Plumpy Nut is to be eaten three times a day and it can be eaten at home without the supervision of a costly medical staff, that for many families is simply to expensive and to far away.

The best part is that the bars have a shelf life of two years and come in a plastic rapper that can be stored anywhere! They’re even classified by  UNICEF as therapeutic food!! 

Before Plumpy Nut families would have to take their children to a hospital and they would have to be given therapeutic milk. Now they can take them to a check up, get their supplies and take them home!! Plus according to the children they’re pretty tasty!!

You can give the gift of Plumpy Nut for only $12 dollars by donating to UNICEF just click the link!!


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