Closet Envy

So I kinda have a bit of a Pinterest addiction!! I may or may not have almost 26,000 pins!! I understand that the first step to recovery is admitting but I’m hooked!! 

So this morning after I had my coffee and did my devotional by the lovely Hillary Scott “Love Remines”, I jumped over to Pinterest!

As I was pinning my future master bedroom I came across this pin of a “Rustic” closet!!

Okay stop, I’m in love!! Yes, everything about this the doors, flooring everything is perfect!! So I clicked on the link and it took me over to a super awesome blog “The Summary Umbrella“, which led me to their post “12 Amazingly Rustic Closets“!! 

These are some amazing closets and I’m now forever in love!!

P.S Dear Future husband I’d greatly appreciate it if you can build things that I find on Pinterest!! 

Xoxo, Holland


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