∆Artist Spotlight∆With Eric Ondrus


Every once in a blue moon you come across an artist that you just know is going to be huge in the near future!! Well I’m pretty sure that Eric Ondrus is that artist! 

Eric has a unique sound that if I had to compare him to another artist (which I hate doing because every artist is so unique), I’d put him somewhere between Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes! This guy is awesome and definitely one to watch and listen for!!

I was lucky enough to get to know Eric a little better last week (before he blows up!), when he did the ∆Artist Spotlight∆! 

Make sure you subscribe to Eric’s YouTube page and check out his latest single “Girl Like That” and “Summer Love“!!

Artist Spotlight with Eric Ondrus:

Q1. Everyone gets into music for different reasons, what made you want to?

​” I got into music because of the way it, not only makes me feel, but it makes people feel as well.  Making music that people can relate to, or just downright have a great time to, is an awesome feeling.”

Q2. What’s your favorite part about performing?
“My favorite part about performing is being able to bring a ton of energy and entertainment to a crowd of people who are present at whatever event we’re playing at to have a great time.”

Q3. Who are your biggest musical influences?
“I honestly don’t have many musical influences.  I was brought up and loved the energy in pop punk music (which I still do) and then became a big country fan due to Jason Aldean and Billy Currington’s very first releases.  Today, my writing is influenced by the likes of Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, and Chase Rice.”

Q4. When you’re touring what do you miss most from home?
“We honestly haven’t done a ton of touring outside of weekend touring (Thursday-Sunday).  I miss three things: My beautiful fiance, my dog, and healthy food.”

Q5. What is a song out on the radio right now that you wish you could’ve wrote or sang?
“3 wishes by Clark Manson, written by Joshua Melton.  Both friends of mine from Ohio, the song was just released and poised to do big things.  I’m also obsessed with it.”

Q6. Growing up what were some of your favorite artists/bands?
“Pop punk: A Day to Remember, Hawthorne Heights, Hit the Lights.  Country: Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean.”

Q7. What is the worst advice you ever got about music?
“Playing for exposure will work out in your favor.”

Q8. Where do you see your in music going in 5 years?
“I see things blowing up in the next 5 years.  I see us doing some major touring, signing with management and a booking agency, and opening on tour with a large band/artist.”

Q9. Who are your biggest supporters?
“My biggest supporters are my band! and my fiance as well as my parents and my fiance’s parents and family.”

Q10. Besides your girls, what would you grab if your house was in fire?
“My dog and my guitars.”

Q11. What are is your ideal day off?
“Get up early, hit the gym, and head on out with some beers to the water on the boat!”

Q12. Favorite food?
“Meatlovers pizza from Gino’s!”

Q13. Favorite movie you can watch over and over?
“Sandlot or Law Abiding Citizen”

Q14. Single or Taken?
“Engaged!  To be married August 25, 2017.”

Q15. What else do you have in store for 2016?
“The rest of 2016 has some large shows and hopefully opening for another nationally touring country artist (or 2)!  Also included are a couple writing trips to Nashville to finish writing for the next EP as well as some fun vacation time with my fiance in Florida!”

Keep Up Eric on Twitter  InstagramFacebook and get his music on iTunes!!

Thanks again Eric I wish you all the best!!!


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