“Kissin’ Frogs” 😚🐸


Last night I was laying in bed and I was jamming out to some RaeLynn radio on Pandora and her song “Kissin’ Frogs” came on❣❣ Holy God it’s my new favorite song❣❣ I keep asking myself, “How have you not heard this song??”.
Honestly I’m in love❣❣

The chorus is so catchy,
‘So I’m gonna spend all summer long
Sittin’ on this river log,
Cause right now there ain’t nothing
Wrong with having fun and
Kissin’ frogs…..’

RaeLynn has one of the most unique voices in Country Music; I’m seriously jealous!!, (plus is one of my favorites!), I love when I hear an artist or band and I can’t compare them to another artist or band!

So if you’ve been looking for a super cute and fun summer song check out “Kissin’ Frogs”!!

Holland aka The Typzee Gypzee