Love Is In The Air!

Have you ever been in love? It’s probably the best feeling in the entire world! Just think about it; there are songs, movies, TV shows and plays all about being in love. Love is the ultimate feeling that will override all other feelings. You’ve probably heard from parents that the love they have for their children is undescribable! Two people will choose to spend their entire lives together all because they’re in love!

One of my favorite movie scenes is from “It Takes Two”, (yes the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie). Kirstie Alley is explaining what true love feels like; She says It’s got to be that can’teatcan’tsleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?”. That’s literally the only way to explain it!

Well I now know what everyone is trying to explain. No I’m not getting none of that. I’ve fell head over heels for a Range Rover! Yes you read that right, I’m in love with a Range Rover! I completely understand what true love feels like. 

Now I made myself a promise way back when I was sixteen. I said I don’t want to own a car unless it’s a Range Rover. Well so far I’ve kept that promise. Don’t judge me! 

It’s now my new life goal! Stick around for the ride cause it’s going to be crazy!

Xoxo, Holland


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