Easy Mexican Style Street Taco’s!!

📷: Pinterest

It’s 1am and I’m staving so I decided to give y’all my latest obsession! Mexican Style Street Taco’s! 

I’m a California girl which means I was raised on Mexican food; besides the beach and lack of winter, Mexican food is my third favorite thing I love most about Cali! 

Mexican Style Street Taco’s were an invention of my dad’s, #BestDadEver! My dad isn’t Mexican at all, he’s a 6’5″ white guy that channels his inner Mexican chef from time to time. My sister calls him Mexican Vanilla lol!!

This may also be one of the cheapest best tasting things you’ve eaten in a while!!

Left Over Pork Roast seasoned with Salt, Pepper and Garlic. 

One large white onion diced small.

Corn Tortillas 

Large can of refried beans.

Your choice of Mexican or Spanish rice. 

Lemon or Lime cut in wedges

Hot Sauce 

Cilontro aka Corriander chopped fine.

How To Make It:

Take the pork and chop it into small bite size pieces.

Put all of the pork into a skillet. Turn to medium heat. Add about half a cup of water to the meat. Season with a little more Salt, Pepper and Garlic powder. Stir continually.

Once the pork is heated add the onion and a little more water, so the meat stays moist and the onions will cook.

Open the can of beans. Put in a pot, mash them with a potato masher just until their mashed lol, (It’s my secret to canned beans.)

Put them on the stove with about a cup of water in them or half of the can. Cook them on low until they start to bubble. 

Start your rice!!!

When the onions become translate it’s ready!

Heat the tortillas as you serve them. You can’t preheat them, trust me!!

Take the tortilla (you might as well get two you’re going to need that second one!) Put the beans in first, than the pork, top with a little lemon and hot sauce and a dash of salt! 

Enjoy with family and friends!!

Xoxo, Holland


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