Ladies let your man hunt or fish!

Okay so I’m pretty sure that one of the biggest issues in relationships is the subject of hunting and fishing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ladies complain and down right freak out if their other half wants to hunt or fish. 

What is the big deal? I mean honestly, why is it such an issue? Here’s how I look at it, men love it that’s a fact! I’ve heardtalk just as some guys talk about hunting and fishing just as passionately as they do about their GF’s and wives! They’re in love with it! Every single guy in County Music has at least on reference to it. Heck Luke Bryan even named his song “Huntin’ Fishen’ and Loving Every Day”

Men need to release some of that cavemanlyness that builds up over time. It’s true, one weekend away they’ll come back all ready for some “alone” time!! #DateNight

Ladies let them go because when they come back they’ll spoil you with some; hey get your mind out of the gutter this post is PG 😉. I was going to say attention!!

Plus men in camo are far better than some guy in loafers! What’s hotter then a guy with a gun or bow and scruff, I can’t think of anything!!

So next time let your man wants to get his hunt or fish on, let him!! Trust me you’ll think me later! Plus when he’s gone go do something fun with your girls!! CountryLiving came up with a great​ list of “26 Under-The-Radar Southern Girlfriend Getaway Towns”.

💋, Holland


What Up Wednesday

Hey, so it’s Wednesday which I thought was Thursday. It might have been the migraine yesterday, so who knows.

I wanted to give an update on my new “healthy lifestyle”. So far I haven’t had any soda since March 11th. I even went to Chick-fil-A and I denied the Dr. Pepper and since I was treating Dr. Pepper like crack that was a huge step!! Workout wise I’ve been pretty consistent with lots of cardio. I look like a hot mess when I’m done and I feel great! When it comes to food, I’ve cut all meals in half, no seconds, more protein, less carbs, no tortillas more fruit and veggies!

I started all of this on March 6th and so far I’m already seeing a difference!!

Later today I’ll be posting all of my measurements and all of the details of my workout!!

Stat tuned!

💋, Holland


Well it happened, guys I’ve just found the best song ever released. I’m definitely dealing with a major case of replay!! 

I can literally count on one had the songs that I don’t and won’t ever get sick of listening to and well “City Girl” by Ryan Hurd is my latest obsession. It’s so good that I’m almost speechless. And I’m like super ticked off that I just found out about Ryan in December. I mean why are the radio stations not playing him?

I do want to thank Jake Owen for the exposure!

People go listen to this song like RIGHT NOW!! 

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💋, Holland

Hello Goodbye Netflix Addition

So for whatever reason Netflix takes stuff off?!?! Why, well I have zero clue. What I don’t really understand is how I can still go watch Justin​Bieber’s video ‘Baby’ and The Charlie Biting his brother but Netflix ​can’t keep movies and shows! 

Anyway the awesome people over at The Big 98 Nashville, has come up with a complete list of everything coming and going!! Check it out here!!

Sam Ponder, Lyme Disease and how it all has to do with my life!

I honestly thought that by the time I turned twenty-five I’d be married, have two kids, have a Journalism degree and be on the sideline reporting for ESPN or College Game Day. I’d love to host with Sam Ponder she’s awesome! Sorry​ for the fangirling, but she’s amazing!

Okay so things haven’t gone quite that way. Actually none of that has happened. If you told me six years ago that I’d still be living at home with my parents, sharing a room with my younger sister, jobless and carless; I probably would’ve punched you in the face. But there’s more to it, because I’m not being a bum.

“You have Lyme​ Disease and that’s why you’re so sick…” That’s what I was being told the fall after my senior year of highschool. So I have Lyme Disease. As the doctor was talking with my mom I thought to myself, “That’s nice, but I don’t hike and I hate to camp, so how did I get this and how do I get better?” That’s when the Doctor interrupted my thoughts….. “Because you have such an advanced form of Lyme Disease we would like to put you on an IV directly attached to your heart.” So you could say that I was just a little freaked out by all of this to say the least. On top of feeling awful, which included migraines that felt as if I had taken a hit from a defensive lineman and now I had the worst concussion ever.
I wasen’t to keen on having an IV put into my heart; I mean who would be okay with that and I applaud those that are dealing with that!!!
There I was feeling as if my world was falling apart. I wanted to be at school freaking out about classes and the freshmen 15! But no, I was in a doctor’s office in Northern California being told about this insane disease that has no cure! Oh and did I mention that there’s a huge government conspiracy behind it and insurance companies won’t recognize it as an actual disease!

Let’s go back to highschool, I had planned on going to college at either the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) or The University of Florida. I was going to double major in Journalism and Multimedia! I was ready for college. I had done tons of research on literally everything from the best places to eat, which church’s were popular, the best sororities (Tri Delta) etc. I was ready to be the next Erin Andrews! But as my Junior year was nearing the end I felt awful and things only got worse from there. By the end of my Senior year I was barely leaving the house. Plus my family was dealing with major church drama and now my walk with God was almost non-existent.

All I can say is I felt like I had done something and was being punished for it. Being sick has been absolutely the most frustrating and emotional testing thing I’ve ever been through. It’s still a battle, but I’m getting better at fighting. I went on antibiotics for about six months and it made me sicker. Which apparently is how it works. We weren’t okay with that. I mean I didn’t do much before the meds, but on meds I was now really not leaving the house. I ended up not going to college. But after tons of prayer I now realize that going to school wasn’t part of God’s plan for me. One reason I started this blog is because I love to write and I don’t need a Journalism degree to do that. I still wish I could do some sideline reporting but you never know what could happen! I have also gotten really into golf and I’m getting ready to start working on that pretty soon. I’ve also jumped into song writing and I’ve been doing research on music producing. I‘m still sick but I know how to handle it. Plus I’ve given my whole future to God. I have zero control of how I feel and where I end up. I’ve learned that I’m not the one in charge. I can try and take it over and well honestly that never ends well!! My faith is in God and his amazing powers! Do I think he can heal me, of course but he hasn’t. I don’t know why I have Chronic Lyme Disease, but I do and I will live my life to the fullest! I think Tim Tebow said it best, “I don’t know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future!”.

So that’s just a small glimpse into my life!!

💋, Holland

Blockbuster Time!

When you click on here to start a post it says to “Share your story story​.” That got me thinking, What exactly is my story. Is my story one whole or is it a bunch of little stories all put together. That’s when it hit me; our stories are like screenplays, (for non showbiz peeps those are scripts​). All of our stories start out pretty dramaticly, I mean how many of us have been born on an airplane or on the backseat of a bus. I personally don’t know anyone but it could happen. We are the stars, we have a huge supporting cast, probably an even bigger villan cast and as our story plays out we go through ups and downs. We’ll have love scenes, fight scenes scenes​, scenes straight out of an action-romcom-thriller. It’s a master piece that Leonardo DiCaprio would want to be in!

So think about this, what do you want the critics to say about it when it’s all over? What award’s will it be getting? Who will it help, if anyone?

I’m still working on my story and I am going to make it a blockbuster!

Xoxo, Holland💋