Blockbuster Time!

When you click on here to start a post it says to “Share your story story​.” That got me thinking, What exactly is my story. Is my story one whole or is it a bunch of little stories all put together. That’s when it hit me; our stories are like screenplays, (for non showbiz peeps those are scripts​). All of our stories start out pretty dramaticly, I mean how many of us have been born on an airplane or on the backseat of a bus. I personally don’t know anyone but it could happen. We are the stars, we have a huge supporting cast, probably an even bigger villan cast and as our story plays out we go through ups and downs. We’ll have love scenes, fight scenes scenes​, scenes straight out of an action-romcom-thriller. It’s a master piece that Leonardo DiCaprio would want to be in!

So think about this, what do you want the critics to say about it when it’s all over? What award’s will it be getting? Who will it help, if anyone?

I’m still working on my story and I am going to make it a blockbuster!

Xoxo, Holland💋


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