What Up Wednesday

Hey, so it’s Wednesday which I thought was Thursday. It might have been the migraine yesterday, so who knows.

I wanted to give an update on my new “healthy lifestyle”. So far I haven’t had any soda since March 11th. I even went to Chick-fil-A and I denied the Dr. Pepper and since I was treating Dr. Pepper like crack that was a huge step!! Workout wise I’ve been pretty consistent with lots of cardio. I look like a hot mess when I’m done and I feel great! When it comes to food, I’ve cut all meals in half, no seconds, more protein, less carbs, no tortillas more fruit and veggies!

I started all of this on March 6th and so far I’m already seeing a difference!!

Later today I’ll be posting all of my measurements and all of the details of my workout!!

Stat tuned!

💋, Holland


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