Morning Thoughts


21st Century Poet….

My mind doesn’t seem to shut off so I’ve decided to start writing short stories and poems. I’ll be posting them on here and on my Instagram!!

Stay tuned here’s one of my first ones:

Easton Corbin Tuesday​!

I can’t really seem to find something not right with Easton Corbin!! So since it’s Tuesday here are seven pictures of Easton to get you through your day!!

(I don’t own any of these pictures!)

Xoxo, Holland


Y’all these super cute leggings are on sale for only $ 28.00 check it out here!!!

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Xoxo, Holland

Ho Ho Ho🎄

It’s Monday, it’s warming up, and well honestly I wish it was Christmas time!! There’s just something about the lights​, the cookies and Santa​ that makes Monday’s in December not as bad as the rest of the year!!!
So since I’m in a Christmas mood here is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Xoxo, Holland

We Should BE Friends💋

So are you following me on all your social media?? If not then go and follow me!

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~Unicorn Ice cream~ 🦄

So Starbucks just launched their Unicorn Frappuccino and well Pinterest is now full of everything Unicorn.
Naturally I am a lover of Unicorns, because I have what some would call a “Glitter Addaction”. I don’t think it’s an issue, but my family says otherwise!
So since Unicorn’s are basically the glitter ambassadors​ of the world my love of them fits very nicely!

I was on Pinterest this fabulous Friday morning when I came across “Unicorn Ice Cream”. Yes Unicorn Ice Cream is a THING!
A huge shoutout to Julie over at for creating this awesome treat!

📷: Bread Booze Bacon

Thanks Julie!!

Head over to Julie’s site to watch a how to video and to get the recipe+directions​!!

💋, Holland

It’s Friday Y’all

So it’s Friday and here’s a little inspiration to get you to happy hour!!

Xoxo, Holland

Let Brett Eldredge Make Your Monday​ Sexy:

Watch Brett Eldredge cover Frank Sinatra “Come Rain or Come Shine” and own it:

You’re Welcome!

Happy Almost Easter🐰

If you follow my IG (@TheTypzeeGypzee)  then you have seen my posts about my weightloss journey!! I have completley cut out soda!! I mean let’s be honest it’s so not healthy for you!!
I found a pretty awesome company called Teami Blends (@teamiblends) They sell tea that is actually good for you and if safe. They also have really cute merch, who doesn’t love cute!!

Since it is Easter weekend you can use Use my CODE:Hol28SPRING
to get 20% off all orders $49.99+ It’s Good Until Monday!!! Order Here!!
So what are you waiting for go get your tea on!!

Happy​ Easter🐰🐰