Okay it’s Wednesday and I’m tired! But apparently to these new neighbors across the street, they don’t care who’s sleeping!
No joke, these people are the worst. All day none of them are outside and then poof like clockwork right when I need to sleep they’re all awake.
Why in the frick do these people need to stand outside all night. I mean honestly who are they talking to? They aren’t the best people. Literally all they do is stand outside smoke like twenty packs, F each other out, and some how be on their phones the entire time.
I guess my biggest question is who are they talking to? I mean if they drive me insane then who would be putting up with their crap?
Like two weeks ago two girls sat on the curb until four, yes four in the morning talking about how they partied behind a KFC. I’m sorry but I highly doubt that ever happened! I’ve seen both girls in the daylight and trust me they’re not hooking up with anyone, unless some very hard liquor was present. I don’t know what I’m going to do!?!?! Because right now as I’m typing this all I’m smelling are cigerettes!! 😷😤😷😤😷
Now don’t get me wrong I don’t care if you smoke I really don’t. I just don’t want to smell it! They have a huge backyard, how do I know? I’ve Google Maped it! Yes, I’m that kind of neighbor!

I’m getting ready to bust out the hose!

Lets hope I get some sleep and that they move!!



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