How To Date A Farmer or Rancher Via- AgDaily

We all the farming and ranching is 24/7 kinda of job! Chris Soules aka Prince Farming from The Bachelor gave us a look into what the “dating” scene is for a farmer in rural Iowa! Personally I’d love to live on a farm in the middle of know where! 

But unfortunately​ for most ladies that’s not always the case.

So this morning I was flipping through Facebook when I came across an article​ on AG Daily talking about dating a farmer. It was awesome and so true.

“I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, but after being in a relationship with a farm boy for over four years there are some things I’ve learned that may be worth passing on. It takes a special kind of person to deal with a farmer’s schedule sometimes, and it takes some patience and understanding to keep the relationship thriving.

If you ever hit a rough patch, know that you’re not alone. All relationships take work, but dating a farmer can have special challenges. Here are a few of those challenges and how to overcome them, with a few tips of advice:

1. Leave him (or her!) alone! If you haven’t always grown up on a farm, it may be an adjustment to get used to the fact that your farmer has never had corporate coworkers or bosses. While you may be talkative or used to a corporate work environment where the boss is always barking orders, that’s not how it works with a farmer. They’re used to working alone or with just a couple of people who are usually relatives. The job needs to get done in a timely fashion. Leave them be and let them get it done.” Continue


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