NFL Draft Is In The Air

📷: Saturday Down South

Every April means only three things for most sports enthusiasts; opening day of MLB, NBA Playoffs and the NFL Draft.
For me it’s all about the draft. For many players their futures hang in the balance. All the work that they have done for so long comes down to one weekend. As they sit and wait for Rodger Goodell to call their names, we as the fans get to know them a little better.
The spotlight moves from making the plays to their lives off the field. From interviews to ESPN special’s and everything in-between. But for many that spotlight also shows the world things that aren’t the greatest. 
But every once in a while a player emerges and shows us that no matter how great of a player you are, what really matters is what happens off the field. The 
2016/2017 season has had some very interesting news worthy stories. There is one story about a player that seems to be more concerned with his character rather then anything else and that would​ be Trevor Knight.
Trevor made heads turn during his freshman year, when he led the Oklahoma Sooners to a Suger Bowl victory over Alabama. Then he made headlines once again when he transfered to Texas A&M for his final year of football.
I always wondered why there was never any bad press on him. I mean if anyone else had done what he had, I couldn’t even imagine how awful the presd would be. Then today as I was reading articles on the draft I came across one by John Cirst from Saturday Down South. That’s when I realised that Trevor is a really respectful, mannerly, kind hearted, kinda guy.

(Check out the full article below!)

“If Trevor Knight can’t make it in the NFL, then he potentially has a lucrative career in front of him as a speaker on college campuses.

So what’s the title of his seminar? “How to Handle Yourself as a Quarterback at a Big-Time Football Program.” Rare is it to find someone who handled both the highs and lows of playing the game’s most important position with more style and grace.” Continue

I don’t know what the Draft will hold for Trevor but my fingers are crossed!!

Be sure to keep up with Trevor on Twitter (@trevor_knight9), IG(@trevor_knight9) and Viktre.

Follow John (@SaturdayJC) and Saturday Down South (@SDS) for all the latest on the draft!

Xoxo, Holland


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