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Bob Ross Monday~

Most of the time Monday’s suck but I have a cure! During your lunch break sit back and watch a little Bob Ross!!

P.S. You’re welcome!!

Xoxo, Holland

Drop It Like It’s Hot; Nevermind!!

We all hit that point in our lives financially where we start thinking up ways to make money. I mean if I was in better shape more doors would open 😯. But luckily my moral code is a little higher and I love my mama way to much to shame her plus I live to far from Vegas!! So what is a girl to do when she’s BROKE!

Okay so here’s where I’m at. I could go down the responsible route and you know get a job. I’ve had a few jobs, everything from professional babysitting​, retail (which sucks) and I even worked at a church. But I don’t​ want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t think anyone wants to go through life working part-time!! Let’s be honest we all want to be millionaires with a private island and a Bugatti!!! But how do we get there and still have some dignity at the end of the day?

Well here’s the plan. Now I always could go all Princess Kate. Becoming a princess seems to be out of the question because Prince Harry and his GF seem pretty happy. No the other plan is starting my own business. I’ve wanted to for so long and my mom wants to be partners. So that’s it, we’re starting a business! It’s top secret because honestly it’s going to be AWESOME and I don’t need people creeping my ideas!! But until I can talk more about our adventures, y’all get to continue to read my thoughts!! (SORRY IN ADVANCE)

Xoxo, Holland

CR247~ Episode 6

Okay so I’ve been a huge fan of Chase Rice for a while ​now! And no it’s not just because he’s​ super handsome and his voice will make you weak in the knees. Because honestly I heard his music way before I ever saw his face or ever heard him speak!!

One thing I love is when artists let us see a little glimpse into their lives! Wow that sounded just a little stockerish sorry!!

Anyway Chase has a really cool thing that he does while he’s on tour. It’s a mini webshow type series called CR247 on YouTube! It’s awesome and it shows just how awesome Chase and his crew are!! Make sure to subscribe to his page and get notified when they post a new video! Or check back here because I’ll be posting them as soon as they’re uploaded!!


Xoxo, Holland

Song Of The Week~ ‘The Way I Talk’

When my mom says she likes a new country song well you’d think that hell was frozen! My mom is super picky on her music and only a few make the cut! So when she told me that she loves Morgan​ Wallen’s song “The Way I Talk”, I had to take a second listen!!! And I’m also loving this one!!

So Morgan congratulations you did it! We’re fans!!! Keep them coming!!

Xoxo, Holland

No Regrets~

Do you ever feel like something is just on the horizon of life but you’re not Shure what the heck that is or when it’s going to happen?!?!?

I’ve​ been thinking a lot about what my “passion” is! And honestly I can’t think of just one. My brain is conveniently always running and at times it’s great until you need to focus in on something. My mom said that I need to be a millionaire because they do tons of different things. I guess she’s right. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t go to college because I would have never been able to pick a major. I should be a career coach because I know how to become anything.

Here’s quick list of so.s of the things I’ve actually considered doing:

  • Pro Bass Fisher
  • Wedding Planner
  • Nanny
  • Doctor
  • Lawyer
  • Aid Worked In Africa
  • NFL or College Football Sideline Reporter
  • Teacher
  • UN Ambassador
  • English Teacher In China
  • Baker 
  • Interior Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • NFL cheerleader
  • Beach Volleyball Player
  • Model
  • Marry A Prince (I literally made a list of Royal Bachelor’s)
  • Reality TV Star (It worked for Kim K and company)
  • A preschool Teacher in Lesotho
  • Congressman or something in Government
  • Actress
  • Pop singer
  • EDM DJ
  • Historian
  • House Keeper
  • Zoo Keeper
  • Author
  • Screenplay Writer
  • Radio DJ
  • Journalist
  • Song Writer

    So what do I do?? Honestly why not some of them?!?!?!? Here’s how I’m now looking at things. If Tim Tebow can play baseball after not playing for twelve years then we’ll I can do of the things on this list!!!!! 

    So that’s what I’m going to do!! Watch out because you might see me on the New Times Best Seller or you might be front row at a movie I wrote!!

    Xoxo, Holland

    FLASH BACK FRIDAY~ Brett Eldredge Edition

    Y’all it’s Friday and well who doesn’t want to listen to some old school Brett Eldredge?? I mean honestly it never gets old!!

    Xoxo, Holland 

    Tin Man~

    Watch Miranda Get as raw and real with this version of “Tin Man”~